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Driving friend''s car
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Hi friends, is there any law in Kuwait banning a person who have driving license to drive his friend

Issue of new civil id
5 replies

How many days paci is taking for issuance of civil id after applying?

IT return file for TDS
9 replies

Good day,
i am getting rental income for my shop in India in which TDS has been deducted

Visit Visa Lost case
4 replies

Hi, I would like to share one of my friends experience with you all or who needs on visit visa lost

NOC / Anna university
3 replies


Anyone here from Direct Anna University Main campus..? As per KSE , anna university no

Requirement for Attestion of Translation of Degree Certificate
23 replies

I need to know whats the procedure for the attestion of the translation of my degree certificate....

Getaway with family during July
4 replies


i am travelling to India in the month of July and i want to take my wife and daughter

weekend with family

Posted by dare on 6/18/2019 4:21:15 pm

friends, please suggest some good indoor places to enjoy with wife and 2 years old daughter. its too hot to go to any park or outdoors. and they both are bored sitting in home. always waiting for fridays to go out.

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Driving friend''s car

Posted by saji paily on 6/18/2019 4:13:58 pm

hi friends, is there any law in kuwait banning a person who have driving license to drive his friend''s or relative''s car when the owner is on vacation ? .

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Getaway with family during July

Posted by b e on 6/18/2019 3:28:30 pm


i am travelling to india in the month of july and i want to take my wife and daughter (1 yr old) to a nice destination (in and around south india). i have no experience in planning such trips.
kindly suggest me with suitable options.

the most silent and relaxing places i could think of are
kovalam .

kindly help me , if you have traveled in the past 1 or 2 years time to a nice , relaxing place (totally away from the busy world).


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Dependent Visa for Mother

Posted by suresh on 6/18/2019 12:39:56 pm

how can i get dependent visa for my mother. i have seen and heard people having their parents on dependent visa here in kuwait.

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civil id request cancelation

Posted by rr on 6/18/2019 12:36:43 pm

is there a time limit after which online civil id request request lapse automatically in paci system? i have made an online renewal request and don''t want to pursue further until next residency renewal. paci customer care suggested to visit paci and check with staff about request. if anyone knows about cancelation due to time lapse, please share
thanks in advance

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Indonesia Visit

Posted by indonesia visit on 6/18/2019 12:26:28 pm

has anyone visited indonesia? need some information.


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Switzerland Visa

Posted by samuel on 6/18/2019 11:30:17 am

dear all
how long days it will take to process switzerland visa after submitting the application. because i have to submit the application on next month 11th july 2019 which is the earliest appointment available. my travel date to switzerland is 31st august 2019.
i also booked the tickets to india for a short trip starting from 31st july from here.
can i get the visa before 31st july 2019. please suggest if anyone have experience.

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Transfer data from Android whatsapp to Iphone

Posted by h k on 6/18/2019 10:21:53 am

dear all,

i would like to transfer data from android whatsapp to iphone whatsapp.
can someone inform me the way / procedure to do it.

thanking you in advance

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Online Health Insurance for children below 18 years

Posted by rajinder singh on 6/18/2019 9:34:09 am

good morning,
what should i choose from insurance status given three options (new/renew/transfer) while filling online form for health insurance of children below 18 years?

attach: screenshot


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NOC / Anna university

Posted by jk on 6/18/2019 9:29:51 am


anyone here from direct anna university main campus..? as per kse , anna university not approved by nba.

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Civil ID Corrections

Posted by shahim on 6/18/2019 8:39:29 am

dear all, good morning.
yesterday, i visited paci for correction of some details in civil id of my wife.
in the counter, the lady after making necessary corrections and taking my signature, scanned the bar code of envelope and kept the envelope with her. she has not given me any receipt and not told to call paci number to make civil id request.
now my questions are:
1) is it required to call paci to make request for new civil id or once it is ready i will get sms from paci ?
2) how can we view the details which will be printed in civil id, before paying for it; as last week only i paid one time and got erroneous id ?

with thanks and regards...

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URGENT - I want to know which bus goes to Canada dry street, Karman hotel

Posted by lester on 6/18/2019 8:16:02 am

hello good morning

i want to know which bus goes to canada dry street, karman hotel, company name is asian enterprises company from hawally.

thank you

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Regarding Parent Dependent Visa

Posted by anil avil fernandes on 6/18/2019 7:57:04 am

if applicant residency not renewed before the expiry does it effect to applicant parent dependent visa if they have valid dependent residency for 6 months. they can travel in this period or not.

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visa transfer

Posted by arunraj k n on 6/18/2019 3:28:42 am

sir i having project engineer visa in second i completed 8 month with existing company and i got new offer from other can i go and join with other organization with out any obligation .otherwise need to complete 1 tear with existing company for next transfer.

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Civil id Arabic Name

Posted by civil id name on 6/17/2019 8:40:37 pm

in the new civil id my son name in english is as per the passport. however for arabic name it is added with father full name. is this alright or they will make issue while travelling at airport.
please reply if you have personal experience.

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factory visa can be transfer to private company or not

Posted by joy kumar on 6/17/2019 6:15:37 pm

i am holding factory visa 18 (from masna (steel work)
so is it possible to transfer to private company or not
or only my current sponsor can transfer to his own private company.
i have finished 2 year in kuwait,
or is there any fees by paying i can get transfer to private company.

kindly suggest me.

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Requirement of Basic Salary for Parents Visa

Posted by rafique munde on 6/17/2019 5:19:33 pm

dear iik viewers,

i would like to know the basic salary requirement for obtaining parents visa from farwaniyan jawazat. can anyone please tell me, one of my friend wants to know very urgently.

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Schengen (Germany) query

Posted by chandan on 6/17/2019 3:21:07 pm

dear friends,

anyone can address this query on schengen vis application through germany link (vfs).
they ask letter for “period of stay (expected date to resume duties) and purpose of travel”
in my company approved leaves are through oracle and no such approval given through papers.

if you have faced similar situation while applying, kindly enlighten as what can be done?

thanks for reading.

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Civil id English Name is not match with passport

Posted by mohamed jassim on 6/17/2019 2:47:26 pm

my civil id & iqama : mohamed jassem ahamed sha

my passport name : mohamed jassim ahamed sha

after i requested for a new civil id and i got it yesterday.

my new civil id is : mohamed ahamed mohamed ahamed

is there any problem of these names?

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Higher education certificate equivalency

Posted by jayesh on 6/17/2019 2:39:14 pm

i am a graduate in commerce, i want to do get my higher education equivalency for ministry job, i heard, i have to first do my lower education from mubarak al kabeer governate and then go for higher education. please if any one have done this recently, please guide me with the procedures and let me know how it works. as i am new to kuwait i have no idea about all of these.


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NOC for Information scienceine and Engineering ( BE Degree) from KSE.

Posted by sameer ahemad on 6/17/2019 2:25:26 pm

did anyone visited recently to get noc certificate from kse for information science and engneering ( be gradute ) where college /course name in nba list ,if anyone got got please share feedback .

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drive friends car on visit visa

Posted by rd x on 6/17/2019 1:59:07 pm

can we drive kuwait resident friends car on being visit visa with indian international license and insurance paid at airport ?

thanks in advance

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What''s the opinion about GFRG technology for Low Budget home [email protected] Kerala? I want to use this for my house construction

Posted by smila on 6/17/2019 1:28:32 pm

has anyone used gfrg panels in housing construction ...
what is your review of gfrg friendly homes?
i am planning to construct 2800 sq.ft home

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Visa transfer from 22 to 18

Posted by aneeta john on 6/17/2019 12:09:50 pm

currently, my company is transferring my visa from 22 to 18 and i have been in kuwait for more than 3 years. my company mandoop gave me some documents which has 1 or 2 official papers and both mine and husbands id documents and informed me to tell my husband to go to ministry of interior in ahmadi and apply for no objection to transfer the residence. but when he went to ahmadi governorates office with the forms prepared by my company mandoop they first asked for mandoop and then they told the current forms are wrong and a new application has to be submitted for transfer. when i informed my mandoop about this, he is telling the only husband needs to go for this and he was telling something like "beeber " and only after this step he can transfer my residency to 18.

does anyone has previous experience in transfering wives visa from 22 to 18 or does anyone know what has to be done, where to go? can someone please explain the procedure step by step.

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Posted by data line on 6/17/2019 10:54:04 am

am from sharq area. my one year commitment for 500gb with ooredoo was over at may end and after that the connection speed was down at/near 500kbps and these days it is like 71kbps....reminding me of dial up connection....... i tried it with different router same result. beginning of june contacted ooredoo and they said upgradaion is going on , but i doubt it. is it a play by ooredoo to subscribe for new data, as once apple slowed down old phone models to sell anybody facing slow speed for oordeoo?

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Evaporative Air Cooler

Posted by azhar khot on 6/17/2019 10:16:23 am

i want to the supplier for evaporative air cooler .(desert cooler)in kuwait .please advice.

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best place for stay

Posted by miranda k on 6/17/2019 8:44:43 am

1. farwaniya
2. khaitan
3. abbasiya
4. salmiya
5. sharq
6. fahaheel

which area is good for stay with family and a school going kid? or please suggest any other place?
have own vehicle.
i live in abbasiya currently. but feel like i dont like this place.

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Food Mess in Farwaniya

Posted by khan bhai on 6/17/2019 8:13:11 am

hi all,

i am looking for indian food mess in farwaniya or khaitan on monthly basis.
anybody know any mess, please let me know.


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Visit Visa Lost case

Posted by nagarajan mohan on 6/17/2019 7:50:09 am

hi, i would like to share one of my friends experience with you all or who needs on visit visa lost cases.
while entry: my friend wife gone for vacation and return back to kuwait with her father and mother in law on visit visa. ticket was booked in srilankan airlines. unfortunately they lost the visit visas at srilanka airport itself and they don’t know about that. they reached kuwait around 09.30pm and when they came close to the immigration at kuwait airport, they were searching for the visa but not found. later they called my friend and said about what happened and asking what to do? and he sent a photo of visit visa to his wife to show immigration dept. to check wether they will allow it to enter or not. and then they went to immigration officer and explained their problem, however that officer didn''t allow to enter without having original visa and suggested to go back to the origin. then i suggested to them to check with the srilankan airlines peoples saying that did they found any lost visa at srilanka or not. but they said we didn''t get any information like that from srilanka so we can''t help you and he suggested again to go to immigration officer. again they went to another lady officer who was sitting inside a room and ask for help. she strictly told her to send them back as we will not allow it to enter without having original visa. after sometime the crowd standing for immigration become less. later by god''s grace the first met immigration officer called them and secretly told them that do not tell anybody, i will stamp it and send you inside. and he stamped and allowed them to go in. however that lady officer saw them going inside, she stopped and ask for passport looked for stamp. eventhough they dont have original visa the entry was stamped already, so she can''t stop them. she also allow them inside.

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NBK Bank Statement

Posted by sudhakar on 6/17/2019 7:35:48 am

dear all
yesterday i went to nbk bank to collect last 6 month statement in bank letter head for schengen visa application. counter admin informed that now a days nbk statement doesn''t have stamp, instead they have a code printed on it.
is it acceptable for schengen visa without stamp and sign.
please share any one have previous experience.

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Car accident - insurance claim

Posted by ahmad on 6/17/2019 5:51:13 am

dear all ,

i need advice how much i met car accident , after getting police paper in my favor, a mistake by another car person, his car is rental and fully insurance, my car nissan maxima -2006 is totally damaged and might be scrap , how much money can i expect from insurance company?
thanx in advance for your valuavle advice .

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Family visa or visit visa

Posted by ryan dsilva on 6/16/2019 9:40:15 pm

dear friends my wife is working as a staff nurse in minstry of health her salary 550kd. can she bring her mother in family visa? or please tell me visit visa she can get for how many months for her mother.

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BBM degree for accounts profession

Posted by syed sadiq ali on 6/16/2019 2:11:30 pm

hi ,

i have studied bbm (bachelors in business management) in finance specialisation from bangalore university. and currently working in kuwait as an accountant. i have to make my visa with the same profession as an accountant but my application was rejected stating that there is nowhere mention of accounts in my degree.

bbm degrees do not mention specialisation as in bcom.

is there any possible way of making my visa under accounts title with my bbm graduation certificates.

thank you in advance

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civil id correction

Posted by srini on 6/16/2019 1:27:54 pm

anybody knows how to correct the name in civil id by paci online.

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DL issued 2012

Posted by xyz on 6/16/2019 12:11:20 pm

please advice.

i took my driving license issued in 2008 on driving visa article 20 then after 4 years my residency transferred to company on article 18 as secretary and i legally renewed my license for 10 years.

now as per rule any driving license issued before 2013 is safe. am i under this category or not?

currently my salary is above 600 and i am holding university degree as well.

expert please advice.

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music fountain

Posted by lala on 6/16/2019 12:08:55 pm

i saw some music fountain videos in kuwait. could someone tell me where is it?

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X Box 360

Posted by netizen on 6/16/2019 11:08:27 am

dear all

i am looking to purchase some games for the x box 360 - please advice what is the average cost especially the football games like fifa 19 and where in hawally can i get them

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Courier Service to India

Posted by as on 6/16/2019 11:07:03 am

can anyone tell me what is the best and safe courier service to send documents to india, along with some contact details.
also, do we really have to courier the visit visa or we can hand it over to concerned person at the kuwait airport itself, as taking out visit visa cost you around 3-5 kd, but couriering it to india by dhl is around 30 kd.

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Visit Visa Validity extention

Posted by iik user on 6/16/2019 10:20:27 am

hi all,

my mother''s visit visa validity will get expire on 21st june 2019. because of some emergency i could not send her the visa and even she will be unable to travel before 1st week of july 19.

can someone please tell me if i can extend the validity of the visa before its expiry date, or is it possible to get a fresh visa before the expiry of the current one.
also, can i get a visa with 3 months stay period. in previous visa, they had asked me to put 3 kd stamp, does that mean that a person can stay for 3 months..?
thank you

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Hospital dept

Posted by ed on 6/16/2019 10:16:13 am

in hospital there are many departments. for the case of erectile dysfunction one should go to which department/doctor ? do any one know good doctor who can treat erectile dysfunction? please let me know

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Car Battery

Posted by driver on 6/16/2019 9:50:41 am

can car battery drain in kuwait summer heat if sitting on weekend.

my car started weak then i went some place stopped to buy stuff and then it would not start and needed jump start.

now its starting fine and also shows the green light as in good battery....

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Issue of new civil id

Posted by new civil id on 6/16/2019 8:52:50 am

how many days paci is taking for issuance of civil id after applying?

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cars on fire

Posted by dileep on 6/16/2019 8:43:10 am

why there are lot of cars burning in kuwait this summer? 2 days ago i woke up at 3am for the bursting sound of 2 cars burning near my flat in jleeb. whats going on? what is the reason ? i too have a used car. i am worried. how to avoid such a thing?

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Residency Stamping new-born - born in kuwait - farwaniya jawazaat

Posted by indian on 6/16/2019 8:41:41 am

hi guys,
did anybody recently do residency stamping for newborn - born in kuwait at reggae, farwaniya jawazaat. please share your experience.

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Dish TV HD Channels

Posted by ganesh kundra on 6/16/2019 7:26:24 am

hi all, since yesterday, all of my dish tv hd channels are not coming.. it says channel not subscribed.. i already had subscribed to them and was watching em without any issue.. i had subscribed to channels like max hd, cineplex hd, star gold select hd etc.. but none of them are coming anymore.. is anyone else facing the same issue ?

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company incorporation document attestation

Posted by mohammed on 6/15/2019 10:19:20 pm

dear readers, i am in a process of forming a pvt limited company in india. i have received the company incorporation documents to be signed and get attested as a nri director, though i have received the documents and the instructions.
i would like to know if from where we can do notary public in kuwait ? or only indian embassy attestation is enough.
what is the approximate cost for the complete attestation (notary as well as embassy)
i would appreciate if someone can guide me if they have been through the process and share some guidance. thanks in advance!!!
please share your number so i can call or you can reach me on 97349899.

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Please share any vendor''s contact number of Friday Market

Posted by partha sarathi mishra on 6/15/2019 5:17:02 pm

if anyone knows the contact of a vendor in friday market who can pick/purchase furniture from home, please share it.

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TV Channels

Posted by mohammed on 6/15/2019 2:51:08 pm


can i activate all tv channels on my mobile by paying monthly subscription. if yes please explain step by step with application name.


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family insurance at isnurance center or online

Posted by hk on 6/15/2019 2:48:34 pm

for family wife/children ....can we still pay at insurance center or is it mandatory do it online ...please advice... area salmiya..

thanks in advance

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Missed Car Key - Nissan

Posted by mc on 6/15/2019 2:05:39 pm

mr. yabnez jose forgot the key of his nissan car yesterday in a taxi in front of city center salmiya. the cab driver was indian. if you have any information about this kindly contact me on 50800679. your help will be much appreciated.

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