Licence is been taken by Police

posted by Anto Benedictmanu

Today, Due to my emergency I used the emergency lane n police got me and took my Licence n issued the yellow paper & asked me come n collect my Licence @ Mubarak Al Kabeer Murur,
Did any one faced this scenerio, what the procedure to regain my Licence .
Pls let me know what is the procedure in Murur to get my Licence

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Posted On 11/27/2017 10:23:00 PM by Indian

Can you please let u know where exactly u were using emergency lane?
So that all the members will take safety precautions on using emergency lane.

Posted On 11/27/2017 11:08:31 PM by Anto Benedictmanu

I was using the emergence lane in Road 30 .

Posted On 11/28/2017 2:40:05 AM by Toyota

Why don't you use Road no. 40 and 50 so cops can give you two more tickets.

Posted On 11/28/2017 2:43:48 AM by Anto Benedictmanu

May be you can try it..

Pls guys, if you help here in this forum do it if not ignore the topic.. pls dont hurt ppl by your words.. It is actually a Psycho Attitude

Posted On 11/28/2017 3:26:17 AM by Ali Dynamic


You need to vsit Mubarak Al Kabeer muroor with the yellow paper, pay fines and collect the license. I had gone through similar issue at same muroor long back.

Posted On 11/28/2017 4:44:50 AM by Anto Benedictmanu

Thank you Ali, how much was the fee,
PPl say that we have Police will not handover the Licence for 3 mon.. is it true..

Posted On 11/28/2017 9:35:54 PM by Rashi

Where did you caught exactly and what was your car speed. There are certain are where you can use shoulder lane but there is some speed limit and schedule timing.Please update us your current scenario.

Posted On 11/28/2017 9:48:14 PM by Amit Thomas

I do not understand why people hurt here when someone really need some help..
Pls go to muroor, pay fine and collect your license.. I don't think its a serious offence to withhold your license. Go to the cash counter 1st and check whether they accept the fine or not. In some case they will direct you to the mudeer and if he approves only you can pay the fine. It is better to go and try than listening to all comments, except someone really experienced the same situation.
using shoulder line, there is time schedule and speed. the speed is 45. also not all the shoulder lines are allowed to use. pls check.. good luck

Posted On 12/6/2017 4:24:07 AM by Anto Benedictmanu

Praise the God.

Guys, I got my License Back.
Below is the procedure
Fine : 15 KD
Step1 : Since Mubarak Al Kabber Police took my licence , i went to Mubarak al kaberr Police statation.

1st floor.

Collect the receipt. Recept wil be given to you when you submit the yellow paper

Then take the receipt to the Head Guy - Sr.Police ( Who sits inside the room in the same floor )
He will give you a day when to come and pay the fine- In my case he asked me to pay the fine on the same day.

After paying the fine.. go top 2nd floor to receive your Licence.

Guys if you face the same issue , pls go there.
Ppl aroud you will scare you saying they will arrest the licence for 3 month.. fine will be 250 KWD ( All are Stupid activity dont belive them ) .

if you need assistnace i can help you in the procedure ..pls feel to call me @ 99828393

I wanted to post this because some one like me may require it in future...

Stay Safe ... help others...

Posted On 12/6/2017 4:52:12 AM by JJ

Many thanks Anto sharing the above info.

Posted On 12/6/2017 7:49:24 AM by Scorpio

Thanks Anto,very few people give a feedback after they finish.
Let's hope none of us have to go through this ordeal

Posted On 12/6/2017 9:06:25 PM by Chacha

So nice of you putting info in detail.

Many thanks son!

God bless you.

Posted On 12/6/2017 11:44:18 PM by Amit Thomas

Many Thanks Anto for posting the update..

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