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Dear friends,
I am planning to buy a used car. There are so many cars available in classifieds. But I am confused about the age and mileage of the cars. Some are bit old, say like 8yrs or so, some are new but have run 130+ km.
How good is a 2008 model car with 90,000KM over a 2013 model with 130,000 km.
Do you recommend a high mileage car (new model) that has no accidents or repairs other than usual maintenance with a service track record?
How good is Nissan vehicles? I am not concerned about the resale value. But the availability of parts and maintenance cost is concerned.
Experts, please guide me!
The cars I am considering are -
Nissan Altima/Sunny/Tiida

How about Chevrolet/WW cars? Is maintenance of these brands expensive compared to Japan cars?


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Posted On 12/2/2017 3:42:34 AM by car consultant

Cars are a big investment. Choose the right one and you'll be happy for quite some time. Choose the wrong one and you're basically throwing money down the drain.

For more info, click this link--> link

Posted On 12/2/2017 9:48:50 PM by DUBA


Posted On 12/3/2017 2:04:18 AM by AR

Invest in Post office

Posted On 12/4/2017 8:53:21 PM by Reddy

Dear Duba,

I personally prefer car with Age, even though mileage is bit high...if your interested you can check with major companies like Chev/KIA/JEEP Cherokee (not Nissan and Toyota) they will have ZERO mileage cars for cheaper price (but may be 1 year old, frankly speaking, not sold out in last year...I heard difference is around 2000-2500 KD compared to market rate)

You can consider this option


Posted On 12/5/2017 3:03:08 AM by DUBA

Thanks Mr. Reddy.

Posted On 12/5/2017 9:02:58 PM by DUBA's AGE vs MILEAGE DILEMMA - Part 1

There are so many cars available in classifieds but get the car you buy computer-checked costing about 25KD in AlRai or CanadaDry st area depending upon check type. Confusion about the age and mileage is natural. Car without major accident should be the acceptable choice. It will get you for long time say 10 years min with minuscule repair work. Thumb rule is 25-35 max kms/day x 315 days per year where 25kms would be optimum for gulf's smaller alike countries.Cars life could be streched up to 250-300K kms if preserved ideal genuinely.Most of the owners resign btw 200-250K kms and change cars looking at the tradeoff like maintenance vs no maintenance on newer car keeping in mind their stay in kwt. But preferably buy a car which is near about not more than 110K with infrequent minor bumper accidents and keep the leftover mileage of the car's life for yourself.So do your own math. Best bet are 2nd-3rd year after initial depreciation and popularly extend upto 5th year cars, They are under dealer's servicing plus you get service history if the owner is diligent on book keeping.Nissan have good cars but next best to toyota. Without much detail researching expect nissan's best selling models to be second best to Toyota in terms of resale value. Resale value is all about perception and toyota really re-sales.Availability of common parts is not a problem in kuwait unless you have major accident requiring uncommon aesthetic spare parts or rare brands like American brand jeep, etc and maintenance cost is so-so. 3 years older Altima is big no-no for it has bad ground clearance and places i go has a bit of rough terrain. Even parking or plying on open grounds and speed bumps gets tougher without bumping with current pitiable and worsening state of main roads and artillery roads in few blocks of some areas and infrastructure projects in kwt until end of 2018 takea toll on the poor car's healthy life.

Posted On 12/5/2017 11:00:35 PM by DUBA's AGE vs MILEAGE DILEMMA - Part 2

Any way Sunny and tiida are ordinarily popular choice for commoners.Chevy and VW are two different brands. American cars in kwt have been infamous for computer, sensor issues if not the others but there are some truly good models in some US brands, maintenance would be 10-20%extra on US brands than Japanese depending on varying parts. VW even though in same league of Japanese counterpart toyotas is costlier owing to its german tag and technology than your first choice of japanese car the nissan which is also known for reliability. So any trim of VW would be like a premium version of its japanese brand and so costly on maintenance say about 20-30%. you also have to keep in mind rather than the 4 cyl a 6 cyl would have big sized parts and obviously more moving parts thus more cost..simple physics and economics. VW, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Chevy etc is to folks what luxury gas guzzler brands like Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, GMC is to car enthusiast or elite or their wannabe counterparts. And since the market is flooded with Japanese cars until recent creeping korean automakers and to lesser extent unknown Chinese brands, the cosmetic parts and less-commonly-ustilized-below-the-hood parts on rare brands get rarer to find like if tomorrow you wish to buy Alfa romeo become rarity depending on the brand's market share and needs special orders plus subject to price hike. It become difficult for dealers and local stockist to import and hold the inventory in stock just for the sake of hoarding unless there is real demand. And then again you have to worry about the reliable mechanics availability for such brands in kwt which is another rarity and thus proves not just costly affair but time consuming due to they being in demand. Car enthusiast would have an opposing view and they are entitled to it since that car is their life like music is for me. I wouldn't want to hear anyone say bad about bands i like however maddeningly costly their concert tickets would be.
But we all mature differently. On a different note, today when i have car, i feel i made a mistake i should have bought a mid size suv or atleast a smaller one especially for their ground clearance(its my pet peeve). Don't just see your todays needs. But thats my thought and it is subjective. There are so many experiences and tips everyone has for buying second hand cars but we cannot cover all of them as we usually do not catalog them ever. Hoped i have helped you and others in some or the other way.

Posted On 12/6/2017 12:40:47 AM by DUBA

This really helps! Thank you so much :)

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