Personal Greetings

Happy Bday to our Beloved Dad


To our Lovely dad..
who is the most lovable person in this world.

To our Smart Dad.
Who is the most intelligent in this world.

To our Talented dad.
Who is the most creative person in this world.

To Our best dad..
who left all of us on 14 Feb 2016 but he will be with is always in our heart and prayers.
Lots of love dad. You are special to all of us. Without you we are not complete no matter how much we grow old.

Happy happy Birthday to dear Dad..


Send your wishes!!!

Posted on Friday, March 11, 2016 only takes a minut to offend someone, an hour to like some one, and a day to love some one... But it takes a life time to forget some one.. Though little I know you.. I found that it's a big learning time in life....and when ever I think of you .. You make my day better.. Your presence is among us .. Eventually after the time you went to heaven. Bless us....may you be with God. Lovingly ...Thiyagu..

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Krishna viveka manigandhan Lakshmi vara prasd
Posted on Friday, March 11, 2016

Baba.. there r no words in the dictionary that can emote what I feel.... all I want to say is... u brought me in this world even though u had second thoughts.. :)... thank u Nana. . Please keep guiding me and all of us.. coz..we r feeling lost without you..luv u always Nana... u were an amazing father.. more over u brought us up to be better human beings.. ur words we will treasure forever... happy birthday Nana.... I know u r looking down n smiling sitting in heaven :)

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Posted on Friday, March 11, 2016

Many many happy returns of the dad love you dad be with us always

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