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Shreya V Arun

I am Shreya V Arun,studying in class 8 in IES,Kuwait. My family includes my father,mother and sister.I am staying in Abbasiya. I am interested in drawing ,dance and music.

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A Day of Self Defense –“TOUCH”

It was by mid of November my father got a call from his colleague, Maya aunty, regarding a workshop ‘TOUCH’ to be held on 1st December, 2017, organ...

Kuwait Children Science Congress, 2017

Soap nut is the fruit of a tree named Sapindus. The nut is also called a Soapberry, as its pulp is used to make soap. The component called Saponin wh...

I Feel, I Need You

The life of a river is beautifully depicted in the poem “The Brook” written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. My English teacher Mr.E.P.Prasad sir, helped us...

Nostalgic Pookalam

Onam, the festival of culture and heritage is a commemorative event celebrated in the state of Kerala .The festival falls in the month of Chingam acc...

Why Bravery Award For Children?

It was my English activity to write about any one event taking place during Republic Day parade at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi. My teacher gave a ...

Yesterday’s rain

Yesterday’s rain awakens the village girl in me, The cool windy weather with fresh fragrant air. As I board the bus, few drops touched me Wet my d...

Kuwait Children’s Science Congress,2016

Kuwait Children’s Science Congress, is a science Exhibition Competition held by Science International Form, on 18/11/16.Many Indian Schools in Kuwai...

Significance of Oil Bath during Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated every year on the propitious occasion of the return of Ram and Sita, in the story Ramayana. Legend has it...

Shasthrotsav 2016

Shasthrotsav 2016 ,The Festival of Science, was one of the most significant day in my life. As I stepped at Al Zumudra Hall, Kuwait on 13th May 2016,...

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Why are you lonely ...

Books are lonely Do you know why? We don’t read that is why Books just wait On the shelves of the store For some littl

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Why are you lonely

Books are lonely Do you know why? We don’t read that is why

Adwaid Satheesh, 9-C, Indian Central School

My Experience at Khalifa Talal Al-Jerri Environment Competition - Adwaid Satheesh

I was overwhelmed by the announcement made by the teachers that an ex

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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During the month,

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Orientation at Scientific Excellence Academy 2018-19 at Salmiya

Competitive Exam Coaching Centers are very common in India. But here

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Did you ever wonder whether there is another earth or another whole u

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Amma, The Joy of My Life

Life has given me an angel I know only one She guides me and prot

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Let us do that one Admirable Exercise, Let us THINK

‘Poirot’, I said. ‘I have been thinking’. ‘An admirable exercise my

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My Indelible Trip To Poland

My final exams had just gotten over and my mother and I were already