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Deepthi Joji

Deepthi Joji

My Name is Deepthi Joji.I am a student of Indian Central School.I am from India

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A home away from home…

Kuwait…It’s truly a home away from home isn’t it? A country that gave us assets, for some which solved their debts in their natives, for some which p...

What would happen if we were deprived of our gadgets?

It was a fine day in the month of November. In the break of the morning itself I heard my parents talking to each other. Well they were talking about...

Let’s follow the path of generosity this Onam

Onam…saying about it sensationally I got no words. Onam is not just a celebration it’s a sensation, a feeling, a thrill and a joy in the blood of eve...

A little bit of respect and our bright future...that's all they wish for.

When we think of a teacher entering our class what comes faster than the speed of light? Yes it’s the lousy tune of “Good morning ma’am”. But wait…ju...

Celebrations Unseen Independence day celebrations in the rural villages of India

We all know about August 15 right? Yes the answer that comes like a lightning bolt to our minds is it’s the Independence Day. Even though we are in K...

Different styles, Different people,Different cultures One Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim Calendar and it is observed by Muslims all over the world to commemorate the first revelation of the Holy Qu...

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Ground Water The Lifeline of A Nat...

‘’We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.’’ By Thomas Fuller Have you ever stopped time and thought for a moment, why are you alive now, why are you r

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Marushka Fernandes, IIK Young Reporter

Ground Water The Lifeline of A Nation

‘’We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.’’ By Thomas

Alfy Rachel Thomas Young Reporter

The Addicted World!!

“The practice of wasting time is nothing but highly expensive and spe

Natasha Fernandes IIK Young Reporter

Medical Seminar on Cancer Awareness

These days we have all heard at one point or the other either someone

Malavika Krishna.K

Then and Now, the comparison saga continues…

With her words, my mom at times, drops me in the pool of thoughts and

Vishali Srikanth, IIK Young Reporter

The unbreakable indo-Kuwait relationship

The Indo-Kuwait relationship can be considered pretty strong in vario

Deepthi Joji, IIK Young Reporter

A home away from home…

Kuwait…It’s truly a home away from home isn’t it? A country that gave

Marushka Fernandes

My Experience at SEAK

My experience at SCIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE ACADEMY (SEAK) is an experienc

Avanija Menon

The DoFE Bronze Award in Fujairah – A Once in A Lifetime Experience

On November 24, 80 of the selected candidates for The Duke of Edinbur