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Hi! My name is Shad Ahmed, and I study at FAIPS-DPS as a class 9 student. I am 14 years old. I have an interest in physics, mathematics and programming. Chess and football are my favorite sports. My role model is Elon Musk. I read fiction and science-related books, my favorite series being Harry Potter. My hobbies include reading and playing video games. I’ve been living in Kuwait ever since I was 2 months old, and currently I’m staying at Salmiya. I also have a passion for writing in general. I have appeared for CBSE Chess Nationals, and I have won 3rd place in Bhavan’s G.C.C Spell Bee finals.

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Unraveling the Magic behind Harry Potter

Unraveling the Magic behind Harry Potter It was my second-last day in London with my relatives, and I was really gloomy about the fact that I had ...

My Unforgettable Experience with Nature in Iceland

This summer of ’17, my family, my cousin and I went on a trip to the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland. Before we actually went there, we had been stayin...

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Ginger Ale to Whisky ...

Hansel walked up a stairway to a rooftop. He climbed the tiles that he thought would set him free. “Love your neighbors as yourself, love your enemies more than that,”

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Ginger Ale to Whisky

Hansel walked up a stairway to a rooftop. He climbed the tiles that h

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During my vacation to India last June 23rd ,the moment I landed at th

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All of us are aware that we only live once, so we need to make the be