Thousands laid down there lives
so that our country breath this day.
never forget there sacrifice.

Happy Independence day...

Posted by : mohammed khaja
I salute my motherland India as whoever I am or whatever I shall be or wherever I may be, I would be an Indian all thru my life with due respect to all my fellow we all belong to one mother, INDIA...!Jai Hind ! Happy Ind day India
Posted by : ashraf kinya
Posted by : Odattil Padmanabhan
Stay Strong!Stay United!Livin in Indian land doesn't mak one an Indian.Its d lov towards our country. Whatever might hapen India as a nation wil never fall apart as v love each other n live in harmony n peace.Happy Independence day. Jai Hind.
Posted by : Mohamed Masthan
Hindu na banuga na musalman banega .insaan ki aulad hu insaan rahunga. Pyaar aur aman ke saath rehne se h hamara hindustan aage badega. i love my india. Jai hind
Posted by : Hojafa bohara
Various cultures, various languages... One nation.. India, a country that unites it's people with love.
On this proud occassion, let's take an oath to make our country better, brighter and superior in every aspect.
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat !!

Posted by : Ravi Tiwari
I salute my motherland India as whoever I am or whatever I shall be or wherever I may be, I would be an Indian all thru my life with due respect to all my fellow we all belong to one mother, INDIA...!Jai Hind ! Happy Ind day India!!
Posted by : Susan
“Dear friends, it is really a great moment of joy and excitement when we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the freedom.But, we are sure that our republic is something stronger than the people who rule our country.
Posted by : sakkariya Matoli
Happy Independence Day to all of us! We must cherish and make this freedom count for our future generations! Ancestors gave their tomorrow for our today…A lot has been done but a lot still needs to be done...don't let religious issues set us apart!
Posted by : Thomas
Being INDIAN is my first most powerful identity, one that I honour every day of my life with pride, love,tolerance,self & mutual respect,being spirited,being hopeful,being gracious..all of the qualities THIS Mother has taught me! Happy Ind Day India!
Posted by : S.Mathew
May Allah continue to uplift the glory of India. Be Proud an Indian. Happy Independence day.
Wishing you all freedom in spirit,soul&body.Be free from all impurities.Happy independant day.
Posted by : jijuthomas
Be incharge of Ur Life. Be ur best,do Ur best n lead an Independent Life. Happy Independence Day frnz. Loving Indians is...Loving India. Jaihind!

Posted by : Susan
Our national heroes who fought n laid down their lives for the Declaration of Independence n the birth of our country as an independent nation deserves to be remembered nt only on August 15th,but always.Feel proud of being part of a prosperous nation
Posted by : Shiju Mathew
Love my country, value our freedom And grateful to our jawans and Indian army who protect us while we sleep soundly....Happy Independence Day to all of us!!
Posted by : Jessy SM
Rise India Rise....this is the day to RISE....keeping aside our pride, our ego, our beliefs. Just think I'm an Indian, that's what matters. So lets celebrate the freedom we achieved 70 years back and be thankful to the Almighty! wishes to all
Posted by : Mathew
Freedom is a precious gift from God. Thank you martyrs for all that you did for us back then without which we wouldnt we happy and liberated as we are today.Y'all will be always remembered. May we always remain independent. Happy independence day :)
Posted by : Glen Vas
Countrymen, as we celebrate this momentous 70th Independence day let’s pledge to rise above petty issues and do India proud by living in true brotherhood of man and working towards making her a superpower. Salutations as the flag of freedom unfurls
Posted by : Anthony Lobo
Independence Day is something Special. It was a day created by our ancestors, keeping our betterment in mind.Lets cherish their thoughts. Happy Independence Day to all Indians !
Posted by : Aswin C
How happy & proud I am to wish all my Indian brothers & sisters a very blessed Independence Day...I pray for the everlasting growth & prosperity for my dear motherland - INDIA !
Posted by : Princy T. K.

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