Procedure for getting back the impounded car- July 2018

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I want to share a valuable information on the process of getting the impounded car. This case is related to the car being impounded for a traffic offence.

1. If your car is impounded, you will be issued yellow slip on which date of offence, car plate no. and CID no. will be written. Its very difficult to read the traffic offence description due to not written sharply on the top page.

2. Police officer will make another A-4 size paper on which all the above mentioned information shall be written. You have to sign on this paper but copy of it will not be given to you.

3. Police will call the crane on which your car will be loaded. If possible, ask crane driver where your car shall be taken for parking.

4. Now wait for the fine to appear online. Usually it is claimed 3 to 4 days but in my case it did not come upto 10 days.

5. Call the no. 1811181 to find the location of your car. It has Arabic & English option while English option is never answered, Arabic option is always answered and the person speaks very good English. Tell your plate no. and he will inform your car location (where it is parked). Also there is a website to know the whereabouts of your car ( but you will never find your car location on this website.

6. You will be frustrated since online fine will not appear so visit Murur and head to fine payment section. Produce the Yellow slip and the counter person will inform you that there is no fine appearing in the system.

7. At this point meet the Mudeer and explain him the situation. There is a way out to tackle this problem. He will inform you to visit the parking place office where your car is parked and get a paper stating your car is parked on this location. Visit this office after finding the car location as per step no. 4. It will save you from the hassles of searching for your car.


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Posted On 7/26/2018 1:01:58 AM by Procedure for getting back the impounded car- July 2018

8. Show the yellow slip. The parking place office will give you a printout stating car no., model, color, date car impounded, offence and the car is still in the location. Get this paper stamped from the officer at the car parking office. This paper is free of cost and issued to you very fast.

9. Submit this paper (mentioned in step 8) to the fine payment section in Murur and meet Mudeer (as per step 7). The officer will write “No objection for traffic fine entry”.

10. Next morning carry this paper (as per step 9) to murur and head to the section (next to fine payment) which does data entry. Produce your CID and car daftar for correct data entry.

11. Now pay the fine on the counter (cash only) and get a fine paid print out. Take the print out to the person who made data entry. The data enrty person will now make a release paper (which is Xerox) and write your information such as CID, car no. plate, name etc. by hand. Take this Xerox release paper to the Mudeer. He will check something in the computer and then sign and stamp.

12. Your work in Murur is over and your fine in the record is now clear.


Posted On 7/26/2018 1:02:47 AM by Procedure for getting back the impounded car- July 2018

13. Take this release paper to the garage where your car is parked. Attach the fine paid paper, copy of CID and car daftar with the Xerox (as in step 11) and submit to the officer. He will check something in the computer and write and sign and stamp.

14. Take this bunch of papers to the cashier and pay the fine (cash or k-net). 10 KD is for the crane (which towed the car) while other amount is for the car parking charges (1 KD/day). Cashier will give you 2 prints of payment made.

15. There is one Bengali who will take 1 print from you and go inside the office to bring the car key and battery starter (to jump start in case the car is parked for a long duration). Bengali will submit the print at the security gate for stamping. Go with him to search for your car. The car location is written on the payment paper and is denoted by alphabets A, B, C etc. Identify your car as per the alphabet location. Inspect the car for any missing items. In my case nothing missing was there and all the items were intact (a big relief). Start it by normal way or by jump start (as the case may be).

16. Drive the car and come to the security gate. The guard will handover you the print (submitted by Bengali) with the stamp “Released”. You have to handover 1 print to the security.

17. Drive back to home while thanking God and cursing your bad time.

Essential requirements for the whole process:
1. You should know Arabic well to explain your case or tell your Arabic friend to accompany you.
2. Carry several Xerox of car daftar, CID, License and Yellow slip.

Posted On 7/26/2018 3:07:24 AM by Sm

Nicely written!

Posted On 7/26/2018 4:30:14 AM by BiryaniBoy

Appreciate the thought in hopes of helping others, and pleased your car is back.

Most important point - why was the car impounded? :(

Posted On 7/29/2018 12:14:54 AM by Motorist

Hi, thank you for sharing this information. It's going to be beneficial for the poor folks who have or may have their vehicles impounded.

Posted On 7/29/2018 2:21:00 AM by Sunny

Thank you for your detailed report.... God bless you

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