Less Hyundai Creta / Dustoer

posted by Car

Why in Kuwait very less number of Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster seen on roads? where as in India these 2 cars are more in numbers.

any specific reason

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Posted On 1/28/2019 8:34:53 PM by car lover

Kuwait is not India, period.

Posted On 1/28/2019 8:43:43 PM by Car

Bro I know, but u can find accent, Tucson, Santafe more than Creta.. any creta or duster users here..

Posted On 1/28/2019 9:22:22 PM by car driver

even I notice that Nissan cars are not much on road especially sunny model.

all the models that you mentioned are excellent in performance.

Posted On 1/28/2019 9:34:18 PM by adv

those brand is not stable/resale value. so people not like much.
japan and European cars only very good moving to sale and service well here(dealer).

Posted On 1/28/2019 9:46:09 PM by Ponnappan

no work.. so created a topic...

Posted On 1/29/2019 12:03:38 AM by car

Mr. Ponnappan if u have work better do that who invited u here??

Posted On 1/29/2019 12:30:25 AM by Car's Duster

Oil is is dirt cheap. Make the connection..
Price of higher model is cheaper or nearly equal in Kwt than the price of Creta & Duster in India (thanks to tax policies of india govt.car is still luxury). If you can buy higher model at affordable price why would one go for Creta & duster which is smaller & cheaper model from Hyundai & Renault. Do you find Suzuki's & Hundai hatchback model in Kwt what you see abound in india. Its a rare animal to find. Probably for price of i20 in india you will get a duster here. For price of duster in india you might get Tucson or, Santa fe in Kwt.

The other day some one from india told me price of land cruiser is around 1.35 crores in India while it is max 20000 Kd in Kwt (around 40 lacs). See the disparity. With 1.35 crores kind of money if you have in Kwt you would avail a Rolls Royce phantom or Mercedes Maybach i guess.
Show off - With the affordability &cheaper parcel comes oneupmanship. You can show off your status with better models in Kwt. In India you got to be real rich (atleast upper middle class) to actually afford its maintenance and mileage.... Plus If you are automobile enthusiast you wouldn't want to go buy a Duster & creta to show off..
As much as the labor category of laborforce. Kuwait is top heavy country which means it as much non-manual laborforce too. so there is lot of oppurtunity for show off. And if given an disposable wealth opportunity non manual labor force will show off their wealth What else is there to do in the desert.
Resale value is linked to showoff, oil mileage, mainteance cost and its goodwill. Both mentioned are budding model from budding brands in Kuwait.. toyota (all model except avalon, aurion, prius, Ft 86, rush, RAv 4, FJ cruiser), nissan (hot cake like Sunny, altima, patrol,pickup, pathfinder), mistubishi has proven track record models at your disposal. then why would you buy a model with no resale value per se..Can you question toyota why their Good-to-go RAV 4 not selling as much as their prado...Hyundai is penetrating slowly with their hyundai and kia brand models... but it will take some while to change people's mind and thus the resale values.
Brand-there are lot of brand already established here like toyota, nissan, even lexus and infiniti same as hyundai, suzuki in india. the new models are getting tough opposition from these well established proven brands and their models. so Renault and Hyundai has to gradually beat the established brands at their game.

Posted On 1/29/2019 12:43:14 AM by driver

@ Car's Duster. Very good review.

can you throw some light on Chinese cars. They have better or matching specs with that of Japanese cars and upto 40% cheaper than their Japanese counterpart. Moreover most Chinese cars offer 10 years guarantee.

Enlighten us

Posted On 1/29/2019 3:45:03 AM by Car's Duster

@ driver Chinese cars are like their any other chinese product copying & pasting premium brand's technology, specs & even car designs in their lower models (automaker w/out solid research funding incld) but offering them with generally lower quality materials just enough to get pass their own bare min QC stds. They might use subtle pirating techniques to design their cars like plagiarizing BMW's dashboard,alfa romeo's headlite,infiniti's front exterior,lexus's rear exterior & toyota's safety standards and mixing indiscriminately to avoid patents and copyright laws....This make them affordable. close to nil research and technology overheads. Cheap labor. Cheap internal material but plush high class lookalike eye catching exteriors, bundles of technology and safety feature to turn on naive customer (Neighbor envy, owner's pride status for their car owners.
Chinese cars often offer their high guarantee becoz of greedy managements who want initial higher unit sales & devil-may-care after-sales attitude affecting vehicle life using fine print terms and conditions excluding distressing failures.. Chinese are characterized by having aggressive management so they want what they want irrespective of market dynamics. They are very dogmatic & persistent. See the mobile industry how chinese are penetrating the lower tier of the society with their models & now they also have their flagship mobile closing in with samsung if not iphone specs yet. But they will get there.. This is the same trajectory the chinese automobile industry is following... Chinese were nil in Kwt 10 years ago. Now you find 2 to 3 in every 50 cars (starting from kuwaiti's buying cheap cars for their children & wives to test on (use & throw strategy)). See TATA's presence in Africa & M east in commercial vehicles like trailers & buses.
Nonetheless there ought to be some smart china brands like Geely, SAIC which are upping their quality mimicking hyundai's business model or with takeover & mergers like SAIC's MG ownership.
Bottom line is while chinese cars are still in maturating stage, they have yet to catch on to the quality of if nothing than atleast their Korean counterpart while the established brand like toyota, lexus, mercedes, BMW milk on their goodwill exploiting the monopoly they enjoy... Chinese brand will come up with quality products in next 7-10 yrs when they overcome road presence, spares part inventory in ME market.
PS: Sorry due to character limitation I had to condense the prose.

Posted On 1/29/2019 6:48:22 AM by Humanist

@ Car Duster
Excellent reviews and specially the chinese cars one. without going through the grind of research and experience, they would not be able to deliver a steady product as that of Toyota or BMW or Merc or the way KIA is catching up.
morever who knows how long these company wud float in the market and they would be merged or acquired or shut down, leaving the customers wondering for spare parts.
Toyota, BMW, VW are legacies that will continue.
I own a daihatsu ( supposedly) an established car maker, but I struggle to get spare parts (commercial or original). Even the very GSA of daihatsu do not have many parts.

Posted On 1/30/2019 11:39:18 AM by Car lover

For Kuwait roads, Creta is too small. You need at least a Tucson (pronounced Tu Saan).

Posted On 1/30/2019 6:58:20 PM by Scorpio

@driver : 40 years back, people said made in Japan is usless, only made in US or Germany is good. 20 years back, made in Korea is usless but made in Japan is good. Today made in China is usless but made in Korea is good. Get the flow?

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