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His Highness Mohanlal !
posted by email
IMDB list of world's 50 best artists who give mind blowing performance on screen!


No any actors in top 10 from India other than Mohanlal

Kamal Hassan at No:12
Naseruddin Shah at No:36
Amitabh Bachan at No:45


Lal Salaam!

Posted by : Another ex-Mohanlal fan
On 1/5/2014
6:39:35 PM
I agree with the above (except the payment part). Mohanlal was (and still probably is) a great actor. However, his choice of roles in the past few years have been very poor. Of late Mammotty has done much better due to the diverse roles he has taken. I can go for any Mammotty film and get the money's worth but I will go only for Mohanlal film which I know is good. ll">what is a abortion pill where do you get abortion pills from
Posted by : George
On 1/5/2014
9:28:30 PM
Just see "DRISHYAM" which is now running in Kuwaiti Cinemas.. Sure you are gonna cut off "Ex" from your IIK ID.. It's a mind blowing awesome film which v can relish the old Lal.. Perhaps one of the best film happened in last 10 years..
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Posted by : ROSH ® ROSH .
On 1/6/2014
7:13:35 AM
100 % agreed with george...The best film..I don't have words to write...
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Posted by : Mohanlal fan
On 1/6/2014
8:52:19 AM
If u watch 'Drishyam',u will surely become Mohanlal fan.Awesome performance of Mohanlal..Very brilliant script with perfect direction.After so many years I have seen a good film.
Posted by : Scorpio
On 1/6/2014
8:53:23 AM
Are not these guys lil too old to run round trees singing with daughters age heroines?? (both can never dance, stomach too big)
Posted by : lol
On 1/6/2014
9:10:38 AM
I think IMDB has not seen

Moondram Pirai

Hey Ram

Nayakan like movies.............

who will put mohanlal above kamal hassan Am a great fan of him...

for mohanlal they should have watched

Vamanapuram bus route

Mr. Brahmachari




Hariharan pilla happy aanu

Angel John etc ... toooo
Posted by : Cbz
On 1/6/2014
11:30:34 AM
Shut up u creep @lol, ex-fan, y fan and all fans.. just switch off your fan. It s too cold and no need of FANS..

The rating is not to select the best actor 2013. It is meant for someone who performed.. Not based on a bunch of his superhit films or flopped films. Being a Mohanlal fan, i stromgly disagree with his current performance. But the characters he made in 80's and 90's, will never ever fade. He was not acting but was living as the charater. Even Mammooty is a good actor and i really enjoy his films. But Mohanlal, his versatility, flexibility, his dedication. Only Kamal Hassan is the guy who can share the credit along with him. Never judge Mohanlal with his current performance. Even those who doesnt like him will enjoy the films like Ulladakkam, Chithram , January oru orma, Kilukkam, Thoovana thumbikal, Kamaladalam, Thaalavattam, Rajavinte makan, Namukku paarkan munthiri thopukal, Kireedam, Sphadikam, Kalapani, Bharatam,aaram thampuran etc. the list never ends.. I am sure that those who even critises Mohanlal as a personality will never forget his characters/roles in those films.. An artist who can make u cry, smile, laugh, think. Mohanlal the best ever.
Posted by : Ex-lal fan
On 1/6/2014
12:32:05 PM
U r exactly correct.
U r list of films are not ending.
See the recent types, songs based on Dubai,Singapore,etc..
How boring his perfomance with daughter-aged-heroins.
He is 57 plus, still like old Shammy Kapoor and Shivaji Ganeshan in their 65's doing with 15 aged heroins.
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Posted by : Rambo123 Kuwait
On 1/6/2014
12:35:46 PM
For me: 1 to 10.. Amitabh B. ll">abortion clinics in nyc where do you get abortion pills from online.aspx">abortion pill in atlanta link
Posted by : JJ
On 1/6/2014
4:54:05 PM
@ Cbz , ha ha enjoyed very much. Apt reply to @lol and other ignorants

@ Scorpio, Acting is not just in stomach and those who dont have big stomachs, act very well? How many films have u seen running around trees? See the film Dhrisyam as somebody suggested above, it will be a once in life exp.

@ Rambo123, Frog in the well

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Posted by : anish
On 1/8/2014
11:06:39 PM
Please Don't Over react about this fake news.It's not an official website or official list.even anybody can make such list in this website..One of Mohanlal's well wisher created this link..Check the following link and say your comment's
Posted by : Lol
On 1/9/2014
10:48:03 AM
what does he do in Drisyam man???

its the story and he just does justice to that movie....

list the worst films of KAMAL and check if its like of your fav fan LAL.....

check his major titile role in kandahaar....

u will be extremely happy

kaviyoor ponnammakk polum ethrem valiya mu*a illa pinne pattiya thadiyum..

casnova.. full pranayam alle pranayam ..

all will fall in love with him... look at his cheeks on that movie so slim that his expressions are all on it.....

so pathetic man..

he may be good at 80's 90'ss not after that ... but kamal is all time super .
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