Renewal of #22 Residency for daughter

posted by A Parent

This was at Farwaniya, today.

Had no problems to renew the #22 residence for daughter for 2 yrs even though parents residence (both #18) validity is only one year each.

Docs submitted:
1. Application + 2 Photos
2. CID & Passport Copies of child
3. CID copies of both parents
4. Original Med Ins Receipt

Take with you passport & CID of applicant and CID of sponsor.

Did not ask for original/copies of rent contract, shoun paper, school letter, birth cert. or parents passport.

Ins fees: upto 18 yrs KD.30/- per year. Above 18, KD.50/- per year.

Res fees: KD.10/- per year.
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Posted On 5/4/2010 4:50:37 AM by JollyRoger .

Thanks for the update
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Posted On 5/10/2010 4:32:43 AM by SM

Thanks for posting this info.
Please make sure after getting Med Ins paper it has stamp and signature of the officer, otherwise they will not accept renewal papers in jawazat.

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Posted On 11/23/2010 10:27:04 PM by Sree

Dependant Residence Renewal Procedure. Residence #22
1. Take copies of passport and civil ID of dependant and sponser.(minimum 3 copies of civil id)
2. Go to Insurance office and pay the insurance fee. 41 kd for adults and 30 kd for kids.
(its opened evening time)
3. Type Application form for renewal at typing center. Per page cost 500 fils.
4. Go to the passport office (early morning is the best time, 6.30 am)
5. Sign on the application form and keep the 10 kd stamp with u.
6. Documents required to submit are.
a. Application form (Typed )
b. Photo .
c. Insurance paid receipt.
d. Passport copy of the dependant including residence page.
e. Civil ID copy of both
f. 10 KD stamp
optional(Depends on the person's mood)
a. Salary certificate copy
b. Marriage contract copy and original

Hope this will help...
Cheer Up...

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Posted On 12/28/2010 12:03:27 AM by joby

My seif done the renewal for my daughter's residence ( Ahamadi )
Only the following documents required

1. Passport copies of Sponser , Wife & Daughter
2. Civil Id original ( Sponser,Daughter )
3. Civil Id copies of Sponser , Wife & Daughter
4. Medical Insurance Receipt.
5. Typed Application ( Better to type at the Jawasat Typing Centre)

6.Stamp 10 KD /Year

If every thing is ready 15 min to complete all the process

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Posted On 4/12/2011 9:01:35 AM by RAJEEV KHODHOT

thank u for the good info


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Posted On 6/15/2011 4:51:31 AM by Schubert Rodrigues

Are you sure they don't need the Birth Certificate as well??

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Posted On 8/25/2011 1:57:03 AM by Erma Coutinho

Thank you for your helpful information....

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Posted On 8/31/2016 4:33:37 AM by skg

Now the renewal of Dependent visa is only for one year. You have to do the renewal every year if you want to continue the dependent visa even if you have more than 2 year residency.

Posted On 9/7/2016 12:38:30 AM by WI

Done the renewal for my Family (wife+2 kids)residence ( Farwaniya )
Only the following documents required

Health Insurance
1. Civil Id copies of Sponsor , Wife & Kids
2. Stamps for 1 year (wife=40KD, Kids=30)
3. 1KD for getting cards

insurance office is open in evening also from 4:00PM, but will not accept after 5:00PM (depending on crowd or the Officer's mode to allot the token)
I missed my first day as I reached at 5:15PM, so next day reached at 4PM

1. Passport copies of Wife + Kids
2. Civil Id copies of Wife + Kids & Sponsor (yourself)
3. Medical Insurance Receipt.
4. Typed Application ( Better to type at the Jawasat Typing Centre)
5. Get your papers approved
6. Submit Passport and Application at the Visa printing and stamping area, along with Stamp 10 KD /Year

Posted On 11/19/2016 10:35:29 PM by khalid faridi

Renewal of #22 Residency for daughter
Thanks for info. What about finger printing requirement? Since my daughter is 18+ is this required or not? Please respond urgently as renewal is due in two weeks

Posted On 11/19/2016 11:26:14 PM by Police

Jolly Roger- Pleaseeee stop FRT...

Posted On 7/3/2017 3:58:50 AM by raj

Gents, pls.share the information’s for below points if anyone know..
Family visa renewal
1. sponsor's civil ID validity Minimum how many month required?
2. Renewal of dependent visa can be done one or two months before expiry of residence.?
3. If not renewed on time how much is the Fines?
4. If sponsor’s having Article 14 (temporary residence) possible to do renewal of dependent?

Posted On 7/3/2017 8:55:08 AM by Nourah Kuwadi

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