Visit to Istambul

posted by Devan

Hi, Have anybody travelled to Istambul or turkey recently? How to get visa from kuwait or India? Im planning to visit with my friend (girl). Suggestions please

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Posted On 12/21/2016 4:48:57 AM by Lungi

did u take permission from girls parents

Posted On 12/22/2016 2:02:29 AM by Chaddi

@Lungi, I am not taking her, we are going together. So its left to her to take permission from her parents or not.

Posted On 12/22/2016 2:07:07 AM by Baniyan

Give me her dad cell number i will get the permission to you. :D

Posted On 12/22/2016 2:30:39 AM by Lodu

Why u are going with your friend (girl) why not friend (boy). if u will get caught doing unmoral activities there than u will be punished.

Posted On 12/22/2016 2:37:13 AM by Devan

@Lodu, I heard there is no restrictions in Istanbul.

Posted On 12/22/2016 2:40:26 AM by Devan

Why no one is answering to the question I asked? Why are you asking unrelated questions?

Posted On 12/22/2016 2:57:50 AM by Lodu

@ Devan, so u will be Fu....g that girl in istanbul

Posted On 12/22/2016 3:15:52 AM by Devan

@Lodu, I have already reported your comment to admin.

Posted On 12/22/2016 3:53:17 AM by papaji

you have to fill up the form online for turkey visa.. take a appoinment and visit the embassy which is near to malaysian embassy... it will cost you 17 or 18 KD. Incase if you have a Valid US or European Visa you apply for a evisa. or else visit this website

Posted On 12/22/2016 4:52:12 AM by Lungi

If you want no restriction go Bangkok

Posted On 12/23/2016 8:46:46 PM by Devan

Thank you papaji.

Posted On 12/23/2016 10:12:43 PM by Chetta

why u want to take ur GF to istanbul for Fu***ng purpose, take her to ur room here only.

Posted On 12/26/2016 2:02:40 AM by har bhajan singh

@Devan hav u got the visa for istambul?????

Posted On 12/26/2016 2:26:56 AM by Devan

@har bhajan, Not yet. I am planning in next october.

Posted On 12/26/2016 9:35:49 PM by har bhajan singh

it's a long time devan maybe by then ur gf will have new bf and u might have new gf

Posted On 12/26/2016 9:46:40 PM by Devan

Ours is 7 years old love. don't you worry Mr.bhajan.

Posted On 12/26/2016 10:07:26 PM by Real Man

Those who are so bothered abt what Devan might b doing with his GF are actually those who never had a girl frnd. More over they dont even have awkaad to impress their wife also. Frustrated with life sort of guys ur.

Posted On 12/27/2016 4:49:06 AM by Devan

You are right Real man. you are a real man

Posted On 12/29/2016 10:09:34 AM by Greg

such lucky guy devan is?

Posted On 1/13/2017 12:04:26 PM by Jacob Koshy

Devan, just ignore the comments. Istanbul is a beautiful place especially to be with your loved one. I have travelled several times with my family. You will get visa from the consulate. just make sure you take all necessary letters, bank statement, employment letter etc..and apply for multiple visa...its more convincing...

Posted On 1/16/2017 2:00:25 AM by Devan

Thank you Koshy!

Posted On 1/16/2017 2:38:55 AM by faadu

@devan why u r not going to istanbul after marrying with ur gf, why ur going now illegally

Posted On 1/16/2017 2:41:20 AM by Devan

@Faadu, Sorry, your and my definition of "Illegal" is different. Sorry.

Posted On 2/22/2017 4:35:12 AM by Freindxyz

Better go to Georgia(Tbilisi). Visa free on arrival and hotels very cheap. Ticket also not expensive and free country.

Posted On 3/13/2017 9:56:04 PM by ABTR

Today I have seen one advertisement on youtube regarding reasonable rated internet package for Istanbul visitor. Their website is and they rent mini router, internet SIM even portable charger with shareable and unlimited internet access for visitor. Their cost is around $5 per day. For full detail visit their internet address

Posted On 3/14/2017 2:14:10 AM by Mumbaikar

devan bhai chokri ko pelne istambul ja rahe hai. great job

Posted On 3/14/2017 3:55:50 AM by Devan

Thanks everyone. but unfortunately I had to drop the idea of going there this year. Will go sometime in future.

Posted On 3/19/2017 2:09:08 AM by jameel khan

I think your girl went away to other, as you were taking undue advantage of her without marriage

Posted On 3/19/2017 4:15:29 AM by Lungi

why you not going with your friend ( girl ). You take more information, we believe you really go

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