posted by MAS

Rush to emergency entrance once you getting pain
they will do check up and return back all your personal belongings.(including mobiles/dress/jewelry)
in the mean time submit the below documents.

1.civil id copy of husband
2.civil id copy of wife
3.copy of arabic translation of marriage certificate
4.copy of attested marriage certificate
or/ relationship affidavit copy
5.two kd e-stamp need to affix the form and get signed by the husband.
helper will tell you the ward no and husband can leave the premise as it may take time depends on the situation/person.

once your wife got delivered ,she or they will call you
or you can get the status by going to the reception area where you can find the extension no according to the ward no
and call and get the status.
in the meantime, husband can prepare/bringing new dress to your wife/child.
so, you can give once they called you to bring.(no need diapers wipes etc as they will provide)
husband can visit during visiting hours (3 pm to 7 pm) but normally they will allow 2 pm to 9 pm

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Posted On 1/11/2017 5:28:00 AM by //MATERNITY/PREGNANCY /DISCHARGE FROM SABAH HOSPITAL -PROCESS (as of end of dec 2016)

to get pink slip from hospital (normally 3 to 4 days after the delivery)
go to reception account/delivery section
take token slip from inside the counter

and below documents are required
1.civil id copy of father
2.civil id copy of mother
3.copy of arabic translation of marriage certificate
4.copy of attested marriage certificate

note: marriage certificate original and both civil id original should be kept ready so the officer can crosscheck.

charges/fees : nothing

Posted On 1/11/2017 5:33:29 AM by //BABY NAME REGISTRATION&ATTESTATION -PROCESS (as of end of dec 2016/beginning of JAN 2017)

after 2 days
visit to central registrar office for birth and death.
in my case it was @ maidan hawally (near to police station/imam hussain masjid/gulf bank)
go to any typing center and type just your baby name in english & arabic in plain paper.(no need father's name).

go right side and take token & give the pink copy along with the token to cleaner,
they will submit to nearby room and get the related original white copy document and submit to the counter.
the counter officer will call you and may cross check your documents.
original marriage certificate/civil ids/arabic translation of marriage certificate.so,keep those docs on handy

once verified the officer will give you back the pink copy and ask you to come next week.
but normally it will be ready in few days.

orignal birth certificate and vaccination card will be given to you once you show the pink slip.
take the original birth certificate and go to ministry of foreign affairs( second floor in libration tower/mircab which opens evening as well)
and get attested (5 kd e-stamp& seal)

charges/fees : 5 kd for e-stamp

Posted On 1/11/2017 5:34:45 AM by //NEW BORN BABY PASSPORT-PROCESS.(as of beginning of JAN 2017)

both father&mother and new born child as well need to
visit to the nearest passport service center mentioned in http://www.kw.ckgs.in/
in my case it was @ sharq behbehani tower 17th floor.

prepare the below documents
go to any authorized translation center and translate the arabic certificate to english.

new born passport application form to be filled and below documents to be submitted.
1.civil id copy of father
2.civil id copy of mother
3.passport copy of father
4.passport copy of mother
5.original arabic birth certificate
6.original translated birth certificate in english.
7.copy of the arabic birth certificate.
8.two photos of your child with white background(facing straight/eyes open and ears visible)

original passport of parents should be available.

charges/fees : 31 kd for passport + additional charges for translation/doc typing.

after 3 days you wil get the oroginal passport + arabic certificate + english birth certificate issued by indian embassy.

Posted On 1/11/2017 5:36:30 AM by //HEALTH INSURANCE FOR RESIDENCY (as of beginning of JAN 2017)

prepare the below documents.
visit to health insurance office nearest to your area.
in my case it was located at jabriya near mubarak al kabeer hospital.

1.civil id copy of father
2.original passport of the child.
3.original arabic birth certificate.
4.copy of the arabic birth certificate

show the documents to the officer who is sitting inside the room ,he will check and give you the token.
in the mean time ,get 30 kd stamp from the vending machine.( note: now they are not accepting cash as previously do)

during your turn ,pay 1 kd to the counter and submit the below

1.civil id copy of father
2.copy of the arabic birth certificate
3.copy of the child passport.

get the acknowledgemnt slip + card and move to near by counter/room to get signed&sealed by the manager.

charges/fees: 30 kd(e-stamp) for one year + 1 kd cash (service charge to issue card)

Posted On 1/11/2017 5:38:45 AM by //NEW BORN DEPENDANT RESIDENCY -PROCESS (as of beginning of JAN 2017)

prepare the below documents.
and visit to passport/immigration office nearest to your area.
in my case it was located at mishref near to auk/gulf university

1.civil id copy of father
2.copy of the arabic birth certificate (two copies one in the form and another separate)
2.work permit/(idan amal) copy of father
3.insurance receipt.
4.original passport of child

go early to the passport/immigration office and
first take token at the entrance " residence "and approach waiting area.
officer will check the documents and ask you to enter another hall.

again ,you have to take token as menitoned (i guess )" computer"
then show the form and along with the passport +copy of the arabic birth certificate
and the officer will check and will keep the Arabic birth certificate with her and will write down the computer no in the form.

again you have to take token as mentioned " new born"
and once you show the forms,the officer will give you one paper and ask you to move to cashier

again you have to take token as mentioned "cashier"
and give the paper to them and they will ask you to pay 100 KD ONLY through KNET.
once paid,the officer will give you receipt.

NOTE: NOW they are not accepting cash. ONLY KNET.

This receipt along with the passport /forms need to submit to another counter .for this again you need to take token " residence"
once you submit the form/along with the receipt. officer may ask you about your salary,just show them idan amal.

and finally she will stick the residence in the passport and will give you reciept as well.

thats' ityou have successfully stamped residency for your child.
and the next step is to apply civil id through paci online.


Posted On 1/11/2017 10:50:17 PM by Father

Excellent .....Thanks for your Detailed Explanation Would be very Useful.

Posted On 1/12/2017 4:00:56 AM by MS

Good job dear.. Only 2 KD for delivery???

Posted On 1/12/2017 4:09:31 AM by AJ

Thanks for the steps.

I have done my child's residency in last October. In the above steps, it is mentioned that Father, Mother and child have to visit nearest passport service centre. In my case, I only visited the passport center and submitted documents. I didn't take Mother and Child with me.

Another thing is, Passport service center asks for Birth certificate translation while applying for passport. Please note that the translation should be in color and should have letter-head...

Posted On 1/12/2017 4:10:38 AM by AJ


Yes. Only 2 KD stamp.

Posted On 1/15/2017 1:16:00 AM by Jolly Roger

1. They need affidavit from embassy, not marriage certificate
2. Typing of name not required
3. Passport Office item 6 Eng birth certifcate done by embassy
4. ID copy of both parents. PP copy of child.

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Posted On 2/13/2017 9:19:56 PM by Humanist

Excellent post, very well explained.

Posted On 8/1/2017 2:30:56 AM by GSC

While applying civil id online they are asking for blood type transcript. Is the document which we got from Sabah hospital along with the green book enough for this? Else please let me know where to get this document.


Posted On 8/1/2017 2:48:44 AM by Mat

Is the procedure same for all hospitals or particular for sabah because when I checked with Farwaniya hospital staff they mentioned affidavit not Arabic translation of marriage certificate.

Posted On 8/1/2017 8:29:57 AM by Jolly Roger

Only affidavit

Pregnancy file opening

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