Warning: Travel with Etihad and Rehlat

posted by George V
Dear friends,
I had a nightmare travelling with Etihad Airlines. They lose my baggage at Mumbai and thereafter when I went to report missing baggage at the counter, they lose my passport. Now they don't want to take any responsibility for anything. Because of this I had to apply for a new passport. Due to this I have to delay my flight back. These frauds want to charge me double what I paid for my ticket for same class. Even though when you check online, the buy price is less than half what they are asking. Also rehlat does not want to offer any refund for your ticket even though it is refundable. My warning to everyone please avoid Etihad and rehlat for travel. I never faced any issues with any other airlines or travel agency.
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Posted by : Syed  
On 1/11/2017 8:47:08 PM

It is not the fault of Airlines, it is the fault of Mumbai Airport.
Search google about Mumbai airport nightmares. I wonder Mumbai Airport Employees get salary or not. They live on bribe and stolen items from passengers like Shivsena live on protection money (Hafta wasooli). Did you complain in police station or to any media reporter. Why did you give your original passport to Airlines ?

Posted by : Police  
On 1/11/2017 9:02:19 PM

No other job to these type of example guys.

Miss some luggage once in a while and come to IIK and whine up, I lost my luggage, bad service by so and so airlines, misbehaved with me.

They will have 2 reasons to justify these masala.

One is think from the next moment they think all the rest of the world will ban travelling in these airlines and the next they will say they are creating awareness.


People like you get Lost . Simply coming here and writing stories to create masala.

Again don’t tell you wrote all this for awareness.

World over even the best of airports and airlines missed or lost baggage is not something new.

Mistake happens and sometimes possible that the officials will not accept the mistake and they will be rude.

Part and parcel of life. After all who likes to accept mistakes.

Where in people like you get time to write stories is the biggest surprise.

Instead do some charity work.

You will get blessings !!

Posted by : Indian  
On 1/11/2017 10:04:23 PM

Dear George,

About your baggage i can understand but how the heck u lost your passport and blaming Airline for this?

Posted by : Jhakaas .  
On 1/11/2017 10:21:02 PM

@ police - Kya shamjha rehelllaa hai bhai.

Posted by : Police  
On 1/12/2017 12:02:23 AM

@ Indian,

This guy must have been drooling over some females and sitting.
as i said there are many examples.
1 week back Also another fool did a posting about jet airways and missing flight and blah blah some nonsense.

What these people think is they faced some individual or rare incidents and if they just post it on FB or some
Free social media means immediately everyone will stop flying Ethihaad and Jet airways.

And when people like me give some straight reply they will start abusing me.

Free social media platform means they will do everything.

Let this sites be paid. Nobody will have anything to post or create awareness.

Posted by : JAJ  
On 1/12/2017 12:38:02 AM

@Police, LOL, if nobody posts anything then this website will forever be closed soon. For what reason are you coming on this forum, if as you say you don't have time. Just like someone is wasting their time writing a post about real or fake incidents, you are wasting your time reading the post. If you don't like something nobody is forcing you to read these posts. Don't click on such posts!
Let others be informed of the latest incidents happening around us, and be careful if/when we are in the same situation.

Posted by : David John  
On 1/12/2017 1:06:36 AM

rehlat is big cheat. this is biggest harami company. if u want to cancel ticket than u will not get a single fills, if u have refundable ticket then also. rehlat is big cheater.

Posted by : aa bb  
On 1/14/2017 12:26:22 AM

@Police - r u psychological patient ? please see some good doctor immediately. nobody forced you to read or comment here. but of course u did it because it is free !!!??? and u only will realize the pain if it will happen to u.
@ Geoge V. thanks for awareness and also please put your complain to their facebook official page, it is very effective as I did same for some other company and got results.

Posted by : Frequent traveller  
On 1/14/2017 1:08:51 AM

Its good to write about bad service or experience we suffer from these airlines, ports or agencies because we are paying money in advance for their service. At the same time complaint should made to the concerned authority. Then only correction process will happen. To the person named in IIK as police, from his replies people understand you as a big fool. If there is not big difference in fare, travel agencies are better than online sites in terms of after sales service if we needed like date change or refund

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