Looking for a car model to use in India

posted by Car seeker

I am planning to leave Kuwait next year and I would like to buy a car India for my personal use. I would like to get the opinion of experienced people the best model to buy. My budget is 10-12 lakhs. My specifications: Don't like very long vehicle like Innova. Preferably SUV type. Only me and my wife at home so don't prefer to have very big car but medium size. Mileage also important. Do you think I should go for used vehicle or brand new? Appreciate your feed back.

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Posted On 6/22/2017 4:19:21 AM by Zuher

Maruti is the best car for India. You will get Service Center everywhere. So, get SUV
Maruti Vitara cost Approx 8 lacs (If CNG Station is nea, take Certified CNG included).
The other SUV's are:
Renault Duster 11 lacs Approx.
Tata Hexa 12 Lacs Approx. (Take Diesel Version)

Posted On 6/22/2017 12:20:28 PM by Raz Far

May of my relatives and friends are into automobile business and they always advise to buy a vehicle in India through finance even if you are cash ready for full down payment.
It costs a little more due to interest, but in case of any accidents, etc, generally the police clears the case faster due to involvement of finance agency.
While, If you have purchased it on full down payment, the process is very slow and everyone including police tries to get bribe to release it.

Renault Duster is a good option.

Posted On 6/24/2017 11:35:55 PM by Car seeker

Thanks for the comments....Expecting some comments from other users too..

Posted On 6/27/2017 9:32:47 PM by QQ

Dear Car Seeker,

I am suggesting you Honda BRV 1.5L i-VTEC Petrol Engine.
Good performance, avg. mileage of 12-14kmpl, and stylish. Excellent Quality interiors.
You never feel bore while driving. Comfortable semi SUV in your budget.
Do not go for Suzuki/Hyundai/Renault etc.

If you have an average running more than 2000Km per month, go for the Diesel variant 1.5L i-DTEC Diesel Engine.

Just go and take a Test Drive of both Petrol&Diesel.

Best option for you.

Posted On 6/27/2017 10:00:37 PM by Advisor

I have tried most of the Indian cars from Maruti 800 to Audi, BMW etc; I would recommend for you Hyundai CRETA full automatic petrol model. But the cost may be around 17 lakhs.

Posted On 6/27/2017 10:31:01 PM by QQ

Mr. Advisor,

Have u seen the interior of Creta?? very poor quality plastics and fabrics. After one year of driving u can feel the jerking,girgir sounds inside. Plz dont suggest such a poor quality car to a anyone.

I am requesting you too take a drive of Honda cars..

Posted On 6/28/2017 2:04:48 AM by TT

Renault Duster is a Good Option.
I have purchased one recently..my final comparison was between Renault Duster,Hyundai Creta & Honda BRV...To be frank Hyundai Creta sells more in number only because people in india knows Hyundai.But we cannot compare Korean Hyundai to French Renault or Japaneese Honda in terms of technology.Hyundai Creta is not an SUV...its a car made like an SUV and is over priced and mileage is an issue for Hyundai (uncle owns I10)...BRV is good but it sells less in number...Also the Honda has less service network.But BRV has 7 seater option. Duster is truely an SUV (compact) with a decent mileage of 19.6 ,good ground clearance 210mm and good boot space of 475liters.My previous car was Logan and we were satisfied with the engine performance.Same engine 1.5L Diesel with fine tunning is used in duster.

Posted On 6/28/2017 2:38:28 AM by Raju driver with big vasta


Posted On 6/28/2017 5:00:57 AM by Mathews Jose

I would highly recommend HONDA instead of hyundai & Renault.

Posted On 7/1/2017 10:26:28 PM by Car seeker

Can someone advice me your opinion I asked in my original query.
"Do you think I should go for used vehicle or brand new? Appreciate your feed back."

Posted On 7/2/2017 12:05:47 AM by QQ

Sir, please dont go for used cars. It may good or may not be..cant predict.

As I suggested before, just go ahead with Honda BR-V. I am sure that, u will be 100% satisfied.

Posted On 7/2/2017 9:08:49 AM by Paul

I would recommend maruti brezza

Posted On 7/3/2017 4:00:22 PM by richard burn

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