Eqvivelancy process of degree

posted by muzammil mulla

Hello I need information regarding equivalency of certificate by ministry of education kuwait. I have applied for this.
I am pharmacist from university of pune India.
The officer in ministry said that they have send my documents in India.
I want to know that from where I can get further information in university of pune
And how much tm it wiil take

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Posted On 7/5/2017 3:26:09 AM by Sunil Sonsi

Contact Mr. Vijesh of Urogulf, Kuwait. Phone no. 65982728

Posted On 7/5/2017 11:23:34 PM by QUEEN

For government, semi-government or private, Verification takes a minimum of 6 months if everything is fine and after the paper reaches in kuwait it takes about 2-3 months tym 4 processing everywhere including MOHE. so approximately takes about year 4 d whole process.
It will take abt 2-4 months for Kuwait embassy to send to the concerned university.1 of my certificate took 3 months and the other one about 4 months. There is almost no use in calling embassy now. Earlier they used 2 respond something. Now they don't disclose anything. Keep calling the concerned department in university 2 know if it has reached there. If so then u can do the payment and they will proceed further.

MOHE will send the certificates to Ministry of External Affairs, Kuwait. Get the corresponding letter Number from MOHE and check with MOEA. Then get the letter reference which they send to Kuwait Embassy, Delhi. call them but first time they will deny that its confidential. Keep on calling them. Meantime you have to check with your university whether its reached or not? Pay any fees if there

Good luck

Posted On 7/13/2017 3:25:41 AM by muzammil mulla

can any one send me the official email address for kuwait emmbasy delhi india

Posted On 7/16/2017 1:51:49 AM by QUEEN

There is no mail id for indian embassy. U can take the telephone number from net and call them. I had earlier but now lost it.

Posted On 7/16/2017 6:16:03 AM by muzammil mulla

Do any body now In which department of pune university is the eqvivalency process of higher education kuwait is done

Posted On 7/16/2017 10:04:44 PM by QUEEN

Just some info..call the reception of your university and ask them the department for certificate verification. They will guide you. From all countries certificate verification will be done in 1 department. Ask if a paper in your name has come from kuwait embassy. They will help you

Posted On 7/17/2017 8:42:45 AM by muzammil mulla

After verification do the university submit document by hand or they will send to embasy.
Secondly if they send to embasy what will be further process done by embasy

Posted On 7/17/2017 7:56:43 PM by ss

Is it compulsory to pay the fee in india at the time of verification?

Posted On 7/17/2017 10:25:58 PM by QUEEN

@muzammil mulla :After verification, the university will send back the verification to the embassy. From Embassy to ministry of foreign affairs,kuwait and then to ministry of higher education. This process take about 1-2 months. So after u know from the university that they have sent it back, go to the higher education after 2 months and enquire with your civil id number.

Posted On 7/17/2017 10:31:52 PM by QUEEN

@ss: Most universities in India charge a fee for doing certificate verification like Rs. 1000-2000. After making sure that your certificate has reached the university, pay the fees. Once it is done, they will proceed.

Posted On 7/19/2017 5:38:45 AM by muzammil mulla

@queen. I have contact university. They said they had not recived any document. So
Whether the document will be at embassy and why embasy still not forward the document to university.

Posted On 7/20/2017 4:29:06 AM by muzammil mulla

Do any pharmacist from India has done this process of equivalency of certificate by ministry of higher education kuwait and got the certificate. If yes
Conctact me 50799791

Posted On 7/22/2017 10:35:42 PM by QUEEN

If the university didnt receive it, then the certificate will be in embassy. Kuwait embassy takes about 2-3 months to send it as they are handling all certificates from different countries.call embassy and see if they will tell any details. I'm also a pharmacist who completed verification in 2013

Posted On 7/23/2017 8:35:29 AM by muzammil mulla

@queen.i have started the process last year september 9 2016.still not compelted that why I am tense

Posted On 7/23/2017 10:19:03 PM by QUEEN

10 months is a bit late..A chance is there that your paper has been blocked or lost somewhere..1 way is to go to MOHE, tell them the matter and try 2 send again for verification. And proper following up is necessary. How long have u been contacting the university? Since its long time, just request them or if u can send someone better to check earlier like from the beginning of the year. It will be better I feel. As time goes there is more chance for losing it

Posted On 7/23/2017 10:47:51 PM by SS

Can anybody tell me, how to do followup
in my case submiited 2 months before and it belongs to rejeiv ghandi university bangalore

Posted On 7/23/2017 10:51:57 PM by QUEEN

@ss: Only way of following up is contacting kuwait embassy in delhi and calling the concerned department in your university to see if it has reached there. It will take about 3 months for the certificate to reach the university from embassy

Posted On 7/24/2017 3:02:23 AM by muzammil mulla

@queen I talk with embasy they said they send my documents to my universty on december 2016.than university may have not forward again to embasy do to fees

Posted On 7/24/2017 3:26:06 AM by QUEEN

University will not send back to embassy unless its done. So surely ur certificate is in the university. Ask them to check from january or send someone u know to pay the required fees and do the rest. It will be fast. Between 1 word of advice. your english spelling and grammer is bad for a graduate. Try to improve it as it will help you in your career. Hope you will take in the right sense

Posted On 7/24/2017 6:09:07 AM by muzammil mulla

@queen thanks for yours kind suggestion.i will be very kind to you

Posted On 7/24/2017 12:21:42 PM by Ss

Can anybody share contact number of embassy and university, it wil be helpfull

Posted On 7/25/2017 9:57:03 PM by QUEEN

U can check the net and get the numbers. I did it that way. Lost the numbers though as it was 4 years back

Posted On 7/26/2017 11:33:12 AM by Ss

When we call university do they ask any reference number or what deatils required to check

Posted On 7/27/2017 5:49:47 AM by muzammil mulla

@ss no use of contact number of embassy. I am contacting them from last 3 to 4 week.every tm they said contact us by mail.i sent them mail atleast 7 mail but no reply from embasy.i have just feed up no information from university no information from embasy. I don't know what to

Posted On 7/27/2017 5:50:04 AM by muzammil mulla

@ss no use of contact number of embassy. I am contacting them from last 3 to 4 week.every tm they said contact us by mail.i sent them mail atleast 7 mail but no reply from embasy.i have just feed up no information from university no information from embasy. I don't know what to do

Posted On 7/27/2017 6:21:50 AM by muzammil mulla

How much tm will embasy take to revive my documents and to reply

Posted On 8/23/2017 9:50:03 AM by muzammil mulla

I have contact university that have they recived document. They said no.
Further they said that apply online and they will forward copy to embasy .
Is this ok

Posted On 9/11/2017 9:40:51 PM by SS

As a checked with Higher education office, they sent certificate on may 15. Now it is almost 4 months and never reached to university at.
Normally how long it takes to reach.

Posted On 9/13/2017 3:52:11 AM by muzammil mulla

@ss friend normally it takes 3 to 4 month.same prb is with .one years is completed but still university tells that they have not received any letter from delhi.

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