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Chair seat availability?
4 replies

I have dining chairs bought from Friday market long time ago, whose frame is ok but the seat (wrappe

marriage with kuwaiti woman.
8 replies

hi all,
need an information plz, if any expatriate (U.S.), wish to marry a kuwaiti woman, what i

Crowd at airport
23 replies

Hello Friends,

Any idea is it too crowed at the airports.


Is there any Jain Community in Kuwait?
4 replies

Hi all...
I was wondering that is there any active Jain community in Kuwait?
As Prayushan j

offer from KOC Ministry from 8972338..
6 replies

Dear IIK friends,

I am getting messages from above india no ( from West Bengal) that post v

Kuwait vs Canada
8 replies

The question is for people who moved from Kuwait to Canada if they are still accessing the site.

Second time visit visa
13 replies

Hi friends,

Yesterday my wife leave from kuwait in visit visa

Afterthat,again I ne

Transfer of Residence Passport

Posted by joey on 8/26/2019 12:28:24 pm

friends/ iikans,

i have renewed my passport. the old passport had residence sticker. now at present there is no residence sticker being put. question - how many days needed to transfer the residence from old passport to new one after renewal.

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School transportation

Posted by firdous pk on 8/26/2019 12:19:38 pm

i am living in sabah al salem kuwaiti have no any indian school buses.
any ones know have any private transportation to jleeb indian schools or have any indian school transportation to here?

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Ladies Swimming pool - salmiya

Posted by zingo ! on 8/26/2019 12:04:36 pm

dear all

are they any swimming pools with timings for ladies/kids around salmiya?


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Procedure for passport renewal

Posted by mohamed on 8/26/2019 11:03:02 am

hi all,

can anybody share the procedures for renewal of passport who had done it recently?


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Unisex Gym

Posted by gym on 8/26/2019 10:33:37 am

friends, is there any unisex gym in kuwait for couples. please suggest, thanks.

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Posted by nagesh on 8/26/2019 10:12:06 am

dear indian parents,

kindly advise if there is any good tutions available (by experienced teacher) for all the subjects for classes 1 to 10 in salmiya

thank you,

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Past PCC

Posted by max on 8/26/2019 9:34:57 am

i need advise please
i was in kuwait 2015 to 2017 working. after i migrated to usa. now i want to get kuwait pcc during that period. is it possible with copy of my old civil id. now i am residing in mumbai / usa.


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Procedure for changing the date of birth (DOB) in civil id

Posted by thomas on 8/26/2019 9:04:13 am

the dob in my civil id is not matching with the dob in passport. the passport dob is correct, whereas the dob in civil id & work permit is incorrect. if anyone knows the procedure, please help me. i can be contacted at 97654246 also.

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K-Net Machine Available - Kuwait

Posted by lyka creations on 8/26/2019 8:42:34 am

cheap monthly rent with good transaction rates available.

call today +965 66048897

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MOI Shows licence expired!

Posted by ajit on 8/26/2019 8:41:01 am

dear ,
i got dl in 2011 , and valid up to 2021 .my profession is engineer .i left kuwait in 2017 after cancelling civil id and again came to kuwait ,in 2017 november on new visa with another company-designation same engineer.

but recently i checked moi site and found my dl is expired since 2016. i remember in 2016 ,my old company not renewed residency in time and temp.residency was stamped for some time .due to this reason ?

now i want to remove the block of dl in moi website ?
.my company mandoup gave one paper in arabic and told me ,no problem you can drive .but i doubt ..
what i know is need to go to asma muroor ?

please guide if you know such a case
thanks in advance .



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Regarding cancelling/final exit from kuwait

Posted by chand on 8/26/2019 8:34:42 am

i want to know about the ticket booking for my colleague who will go to india in final exit.
i heard that we cant book srilankan airlines for person who go cancel/final exit. is that true. else i can book for srilankan.

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Swiss Franc

Posted by sudhakar on 8/26/2019 7:53:14 am

hi all
we are going to switzerland very soon, where i can get swiss franc from kuwait. i need some minimum amount only. whether it will available in bank or exchange.

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For residence renewal with Accountant profession certificate accepting or not.

Posted by kps kuwait on 8/26/2019 12:33:25 am

my certificate not accepted due to specialization with corporation. but have specialization with accounts and taxation.

kindly advise.

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Air India to operate direct daily flights to Mumbai

Posted by r fernandes on 8/26/2019 12:20:50 am

effective 28 october,air india will operate daily direct flights to mumbai(27oct from mumbai)
below are details
ai990 kwi-bom dep:0110hrs arr:0740
ai989 bom-kwi. dep:2245hrs. arr:0010+1hrs

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Kuwait vs Canada

Posted by username1 on 8/25/2019 4:52:00 pm

the question is for people who moved from kuwait to canada if they are still accessing the site.

i am 31 years of age and have been in kuwait for 7 years earning good income. having a car, affording 2 bhk, take 2 international trips every year with my wife, enjoy good lifestyle and going out to dine and have leisure activities every weekend and still save money back in india.

i am considering moving to canada and as per the online research, i have been able to identify that i will be able to earn approx. 70-75k cad annual income.

is it worth moving moving to canada? is it worth sacrificing the current lifestyle in kuwait?

appreciate if someone who has migrated from kuwait can give a genuine answer.

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Regarding the New Visa Rule for Dependent Family Visa

Posted by rafique on 8/25/2019 3:41:40 pm

dear viewers,
i need an advice from your side, regarding the new visa rule which says, that minimum 500kd basic salary required for dependent visa(family). firstly, i would like to tell you that my monthly basic salary is 450kd, and i bring my wife in kuwait based on previous rule. now, my wife went to india for delivery. now, based on the new rule, can i bring my baby on dependent visa or not. i am totally confused.

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Is there any Jain Community in Kuwait?

Posted by jainish surana on 8/25/2019 2:47:06 pm

hi all...
i was wondering that is there any active jain community in kuwait?
as prayushan ji are coming we can get together and celebrate. please let me know if anyone knows about it. or if someone wants to create a group for jain community?


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Playing Badminton in Khaitan

Posted by sadiq on 8/25/2019 1:54:47 pm

dear friends,
we are already 3 persons and looking for 2-3 more persons for playing badminton in khaitan indoor court.
playing time evening 1hour, 3days in a week. if anyone interested to join please call me on please call me on 96746724 or whats app 99409863

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Name mistake in Civil ID

Posted by prabhu krishnamurthy on 8/25/2019 12:41:31 pm

dear friends,

my name is prabhu krishnamurthy , whereas it is mentioned as parbhu krishnamurthy krishnamurthy in the civil id. spelling mistake in the first name and second name repeated again. rest all the information is correct. will this stop me from travelling. please advise..


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Indemnity time calculation

Posted by indian on 8/25/2019 11:11:50 am

dear all,

full indemnity is given on 10 years completion is what i know. what i want to know is that full indemnity is given from on 10 years completion at :

1. date at which we entered kuwait ? or
2. date since iqama (residency) was stamped ?

e.g. i entered kuwait on 18/10/2011 and iqama stamped on 10/3/2012

pls explain

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offer from KOC Ministry from 8972338..

Posted by koc offer from indian no on 8/25/2019 10:47:50 am

dear iik friends,

i am getting messages from above india no ( from west bengal) that post vacant in koc ministry and offer letter will be provided . but first asking advance amount , else he will pass this job to other client.

pls provide your suggestions , is it ok to send him amount ?

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Cable TV Block12

Posted by mubarrah sajid on 8/25/2019 10:26:08 am

can anyone share numbers of cable tv operators in block 12 salmiya...

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About new rule for Family Residency- Existing Holders

Posted by aj on 8/25/2019 9:11:01 am

hello everyone,

as per the press release, it is mentioned that those who are already in family visa also come under the new rule and have to get special approval from director general of residency affairs. does anybody knows where is his office and what is the exact procedure to get it? i have a renewal due in few days and i am just short of the salary cap. so need to know the procedure.


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Good doctors in Kuwait???

Posted by binoy on 8/25/2019 9:06:31 am

can anyone suggest good general physicians for internal medicine in kuwait, preferably near salmiya? by good i mean that doctors who will not precribe thousands of reports and tests for simple issues and generally gives correct diagnosis. i was going to one indian doctor in apollo yiacco hospital but she already left kuwait. appreciate your responses.

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Home theatre system

Posted by satish on 8/25/2019 8:39:18 am

friends please tell me is there any customs charges involved if we take home theatre system to india by air. suppose the value of the home theatre system is 80 kuwaiti dinars how much approx would be the custom charges applicable in india.

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Company relieving and passport issue

Posted by hassan on 8/24/2019 7:38:30 pm

hyy iik,
please help to suggest me:-

i resigned from a company and its 45 days still remaining to complete. my passport is with them.

i requested them to pay notice period salary but they are not ready to listen me. i have very serious family issue in my home. i have to go india some how.

somebody told me to take help of sharq shoon. please advice me regarding the issue.

i fear the company because of their heavy waasta in govt.

help me out from the situation.

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How long from airport to bus station

Posted by triptime on 8/24/2019 5:32:49 pm

hello dears,
we are planning a trip to mysore end of october. our flight will land at kempegowda international airport - bengaluru at 3:30 am. how long would it take to the nearest bus station to catch one of those volvo buses to mysore. golden travels / suresh kallada / srs / seabird travels, i see operate quite a few sleeper & semi sleeper buses on this route.
q 1 - - which is the nearest bus station from where we can catch one of these intercity buses ?
q 2 - - how long does it take to get from kempegowda airport to this bus station ? (you can give me a very conservative estimate)
q 3 - - how do i get from kempegowda airport to this bus station (taxi / metro / bus) ?

looking forward to some help from my iik-er friends :)
take care & stay safe.

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Visit Visa for Sister

Posted by giri on 8/24/2019 4:44:37 pm

dear all,

what is the procedure for getting kuwait visit visa for sister.

awaiting for valuable reply.


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UK job visa

Posted by jinu on 8/24/2019 2:50:33 pm

my cousin is there in uk. can he sponsor me to uk. i am a sales professional in kuwait. what are the scope for sales in uk. how about the ielts score. any one who had moved recently please update.

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new born passport

Posted by princy on 8/24/2019 12:23:22 pm

i am now filing online passport applicaiton form for my new born. there is mandattory coloums which is aksing for educational qualificaiton and employment type. what can i select for new born. please advise.

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Catholic Christening Dress

Posted by joby on 8/24/2019 11:52:56 am

where can i get baptism/christening dress for new born in salmiya/kuwait.

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Correction of Mothers name in Passport

Posted by alex on 8/24/2019 11:24:30 am

can any expert advise if there will be any issue if mothers surname is changed in the passport? specially in renewing kuwait residency (depended visa). in my wife''s passport her mothers surname is mentioned as pereira while her actual name mentioned on her birth certificate is fernandes. by mistake while applying for the passport (long back) the surname was mentioned as pereira which is her fathers surname.

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Pregnancy file opening procedure

Posted by pregnant lady on 8/24/2019 9:00:59 am

dear all,
anybody please share the latest procedure of opening pregnancy file in govt. clinic. which clinic i have to go for file opening. ( staying in jleeb ) . can we open file after 5 th month of pregnancy. please let me know the timing also.
thanks in advance.

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Regarding application for US b2 visa

Posted by mohammed ansari on 8/24/2019 12:49:36 am

i wish to apply for us tourism visa from kuwait bcz iam working here last 2 yrs.

is it possible that i can apply from here .

plz anyone advice me on this matter.

thank you so much.

mohammed ansari.

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Play school recommendations

Posted by praveen on 8/23/2019 10:15:08 pm

hello all,
last month, i bought my 4 year old son on a dependent visa and as it was vacation time i could not apply for his lkg admission.

now the schools have reopened but unfortunately there is no spot for him. although most of the schools asked me to wait for 2 more weeks, i certainly don''t want to waste his year, hence; planning to send him to play school or kindergarten for him to learn an prosper if schools doesn''t work out now.

i would be glad for some recommendations of scuh institutions in salmiya or kuwait city. thanks.

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New born Birth certificate

Posted by shibin varghese on 8/23/2019 7:19:18 pm

dear all,

anybody have idea about fahaheel area birth certificate issuing office shifted to where? i think last week only they shifted. now that building is fully empty and near by shop people dnt no where they shifted. if anybody know kindly inform to me.

shibin varghese

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Visa 18 shoon transferable procedure

Posted by kumar on 8/23/2019 12:53:05 pm

thanks to iik, iik team, iik members
dear sir, kindly clarify my doubt. i am locally hired, shoon 18 visa transfarable. now to transfer to new company can we ask release papers directly or old company must required kafala/any paper from new company to give release papers. kindly help me with your advice.

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Best LED TV brand to use in kerala

Posted by mkt on 8/22/2019 9:24:43 pm

hi, all.
which led tv brand (buying from kuwait) is good, reliable and durable to use in kerala for long term.experienced giys please inpit your valuable comments

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How to remove burn scars

Posted by baby on 8/22/2019 9:15:36 pm

how to remove burn scars. hot water fell on my kids body and now it got healed. can anyone suggest a good lotion to remove burns scars or to consult any good doctor.

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Health Insurance

Posted by abdul samad shiekdawood on 8/22/2019 6:46:16 pm

dear iik viewers,

im looking fir advice who able to give health insurance service it should be use in the kuwait private hospitals

contact number : 69944157,60710055

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Where i can find cheapest MRI in kuwait

Posted by ms on 8/22/2019 3:12:09 pm

dear all,

i need to do spine mri, where i can find the same with good price. please suggest.


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Muhram day off

Posted by cijo tc on 8/22/2019 1:06:13 pm

muhram day off is on saturday or sunday?

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Kuwait visa transfer to new passport

Posted by shyju varghese on 8/22/2019 10:45:49 am

hii,i am from passport and civil id was going to expire;so 1st i renewed my passport and gave for new residence,my residency is valid till november and i am going for vacation by september 20.but now there is some issue for all the ministry nurses in issuing residence in ministry so that my residence process delaying,they also don''t know when the issue will get can i travel to india?bcz the residency is on old it possible to transfer the residence from old pp to new pp and renew civil id after i come back from vacation?plz help. ..thanku..

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Posted by shuweikh on 8/22/2019 9:32:59 am

dear iik;ans
many a times people keep asking for bus numbers and routes in kuwait
i just happen to see this today in arabtimes.
i am sending the pdf link in e paper for the benefit of all who are using bus service.
bus routes as published by arab times newspaper

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Child Residency Renewal

Posted by tony on 8/22/2019 9:12:05 am

dear all

child residency will expire on 30aug2018. i have made a new passport. is the residency required to be transferred from old passport to new passport before renewal or both can be done at the same time
please advice.

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Health insurance online payment - Passport Expire before end of Insurance cover period - need help

Posted by dj on 8/22/2019 9:08:10 am

i tried to pay insurance online for my daughter. the passport will expire before the end of new insurance cover date so i am unable to move forward to the online payment. can someone suggest how to proceed with this. to make it clear

* passport expiry: 28-sep-2020
new insurance start date: 12-oct-2019
* new insurance end date: 11-oct-2020

since passport will expire before the new insurance cover period the system is not moving forward to the payment. can someone please help?

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MEW Rules and Regulation Book & MOC Rules and Regulation Book

Posted by iliyas js on 8/22/2019 8:21:31 am

hello everyone.

i require following documents for my friend''s who are electrical eng & mechanical eng.

- mew rules and regulation book r-2 and amendments
- mew rules and regulation book r-3.

- moc rules and regulation book.

if anyone has please share it to my email.
[email protected]

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Re entry before 1 day visa validity end

Posted by sd on 8/21/2019 9:46:11 pm

i am going for emergency vacation
if i go on vacation and come back just 1 day before my residency finish date, will it be ok? anybody recently travel in same situation?
please share your valuable experience. thank you.

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Applying Learning licence

Posted by ms. khan on 8/21/2019 8:33:11 pm

hello friends,
i want to apply for driving learning licence, though i''m on dependent visa, but my kid (5 years) is school going.
want to know by any chance am i eligible for applying driving licence ???
if yes, what all documents will be required for the same??

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Car transfer procedure

Posted by help please on 8/21/2019 6:18:53 pm

hi all,
please let me know the steps to transfer my car to another person.
ahmadi muroor.
waiting kind replies.

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