A Teacher Presents the Past, Reveals the Present, and Creates the Future

Arfa Arshad
Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Teachers are really important to all of us. They teach what has not been taught. From the beginning, they are with us and support us. Teachers are like the most important ingredient in our life. Just like how food without salt is tasteless in the same manner our life without them is useless. From history to geography, from maths to science, from Hindi to English and from sorry to thank you they teach us all.

Handling 35 students at a time and checking hundreds of copies is not an easy task. For me, my teachers have and still doing a lot. I was never strong in maths and English. The theorems confused me and the subject-verb agreement was a cumbersome task for me but with the constant support of my teachers, I was able to overcome them.

Helen Keller is correct while saying: “Every teacher can take a child to the classroom only a few can teach them.”

Teachers always see good for pupils. Even though if they are harsh, it is for a good reason. They don’t only teach us what is inside the book but along with it, they give us life knowledge and best life lessons. After god comes our parents and after parents come the teachers who enlighten students life. School is our second home and hence teachers are our guardian who guides us from darkness to light, from false to true. Teachers devote their life to correct us and to teach us what is right and what is wrong.

Teachers not only teaches us but do enjoy with us .Like at times when we go for picnic let’s say Shabb park our teachers join us on various rides. They encourage us to take risks in life, be daring and a life love. They transform our personalities and develop us. When a teacher can do so much for us, we too should celebrate for them.

Teachers day is of great significance to us. It is a day that reminds us of their hard work, their diligence and their constant support to us. Whatever we became or will become in future is a result of our teachers work. The beautiful marks are all because of them. That’s why whatever we become we should always be grateful for their kind deeds and precious time they spent with us. Teachers day is the most important day in students life. Teachers shape our future and transform our life. So thank you my teachers, because of you I am able to write this.

Therefore, it is correctly put by Harry Truman, “If you can read this, thank a teacher.”

Arfa Arshad
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