Kuwait Manjeshwar Mandalam Pirissappad Organized Gaujjium Gammathum II at Kabd Resort

Monday, March 18, 2019

Kuwait Manjeshwar Mandalam Pirissappad organized a two day event Gaujjium Gammathum for Manjeshwar Mandalam People on 2019 March 07th Thursday and 8th Friday .

The Event was inaugurated by Mr. Abooobacker Engineer. He said that such a celebration would be possible for people to develop and co-ordinate the love and cooperation between us during this era of hatred and aggressiveness.

Jaleel Arikady presided the event, Farook Maaliga welcomed the gathering and Rasheed Uppala proposed the vote of thanks
Mr. Ashraf Ayyur inaugurated identity card distribution by presenting card to Mr. Iqbal Kalmatta. Subsequently, members were introduced to each other, distributing sweet desserts and performing various art forms.

Raheem Arikkady, Razak Ayyur, Salim Posoat, Asif Posoat, Siddeeq Malabar, Riyas Ayyur, Azhar Kumbala delivered speech on value of relationship.

Variety of programs and events was conducted by Noor Kalamatta, Saleem Pachambala,Ammi,Sameer Jokku,Sahir Perward,Jaleel Mogral,Abdulla Bayan and Anwar.

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