Kuwait not as happy as last year, drops 6 places in happiness index

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Kuwait ranked 51st out of 156 counties in the 2019 World Happiness Report published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Wednesday.

The country slipped six notches this year compared to its position in 2018 when it landed on the 45th spot. Other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member-nations ranked higher than Kuwait.

The United Arab Emirates landed on the 21st spot, followed by Saudi Arabia which ranked 23rd, Qatar at 29th and Bahrain at 37th while Oman is not part of the index.

None of the world’s major economic powerhouses made it to the top 10. Among them, the United Kingdom fared the best with a rank of 15 (from 18 last year). Germany went down from the 15th spot to the 17th. The United States dropped from the 18th to the 19th. Japan, Russia and China finished even further below, at 58 (down from 54th), 68 (down from 59th ) and 93rd place (down from 86th)?respectively.

Finland topped the index of the happiest nations for the second year in a row, with researchers saying that the country has succeeded in generating recipe that’s not dependent on economic wealth.

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