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Vigilant India, Prosperous India

Kevin Tom Saji
Thursday, April 1, 2021
Vigilant India, Prosperous India

India is a vast and diverse country. It is the second most populated country and it is known as Hindustan or Bharat. The word “India” is derived from the river “Indus.” Its culture and heritage, which include lots of amazing languages, festivals and more, make it much different and unique than every other country in this world.As it is always said that it is the very minute details than make the greatest of differences. These small details may be small but their impacts are and were huge and it can be experienced anywhere. These small details make things vulnerable. Examples are that if there are old people in a family they are much more vulnerable to diseases and if they were caught in calamity their probability to escape is less. That makes these minute differences, very dangerous. Even after seventy –three years of independence, our beautiful country is still labelled as developing and the reason is obviously, the very small and minute flaws. In the face of economics, the factor why our marvellous nation is still marked “developing” is because of Historical, Industrial and Income reasons. In the face of Philosophy, it is some Asian continental flaws and our Educational System. So, to eradicate the problem, we must be careful or vigilant and this may lead to vigilance and the concept to do is understand the problem. The main concept as Einstein said “Any fool can know-the concept is understanding”. But, while understanding, misunderstanding can also be a problem, so understanding the situation is important. The major reason misunderstanding can be a real obstacle is that it ruins foresight, the work put in something and most importantly the solution. So, the main key things to focus are problems, understanding properly and act accordingly. So, it is also important that we think twice before doing something as important as this.

So, in the face of economics the reasons are Historical and Industrial. Historically, India is one of the only countries that has never invaded any country, though India was invaded lots of times. If we see the status of India, at the time of the eighteenth century or much before it was extremely rich and prosperous country. Many a time, the invasions have cost our wealth. Nadir Shah, ruler of Ghazni of Afghanistan invaded and plundered India and if the city of Ghazni is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it was just because it was built on the wealth of India. Another historical reason is the colonization of British in our country; they came as mere traders to trade spices, indigo and ton of goods. They saw the dispute in the minds of the people and started taking over with different doctrines and policies that they eventual robbed our nation of a lot of money and when they finally left almost everything was lost and serious social evil started spreading. So, the British made the years after independence tough and this leads to the Industrial reasons that is the job opportunities cannot keep up pace with the fast growing population and since resources were depleted the economic growth was very slow. Then, came Green Revolution which motivated for hopes in development and it gave new job opportunities and again it couldn’t keep pace with the rapid population. So, people took up nominal jobs , had a non-manageable lifestyle and the government tried its very best to create and ensure income equality but, all policies were ineffective .The religious factors put people apart and farmers were caught in debt traps which lead to mass suicide. By those difficult times, the constitution was being framed. Since, equality had to be ensured, people from different backgrounds had to be chosen and this was very frustrating. By the near twenty-first century, everything was looking much better and then struck the Bhopal Gas Tragedy lead to lots of deaths and contamination of resources and again it became difficult but, India currently is the one of the fastest developing countries and the poverty per cent is fluctuating rather rapidly.

In the face of basic philosophical understanding, the flaws are Asian continental problem and Our Educational System. Talking about the Asian continental problem is a big issue. Parents in this continent believe that his or her offspring should only be a doctor or engineer or probably something the Parents wanted to be. No offence but it is wrong to pass your dreams into your children and making them do what the parent would want to be and this may be because they have their own dreams, passion and thoughts for which they want to strive for. Indeed, the wisdom of the old is always as pure as gold but this is completely wrong. That is what makes Asia different from other continents. In the other parts of the world, children have the right to dream and be but, Asia not much liberty is permitted in countries like China and North Korea it is worse and India being a part of it, follows this ideology. Great writers like Roald Dahl and Khalil Gibran agree that this is wrong. Roald Dahl in his book “Danny the Champion of the World said “A stodgy parent is no fun at all and all that a child deserves is a parent who is sparky”. Khalil Gibran in his book “The Prophet” said “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. They may be with you, but they do not belong to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts for they have their own thoughts.” Another problem only in Asian countries is once you are of age, you are have to get married. And lakhs and lakhs are spent and wasted to have the marriage lavishly and for that loans may be taken. Again that will become a big burden and after you get married, if you do not have any kids within an year. Everyone things something is definitely wrong with you and then it is the gossip of the town and people you don’t know will always be one hundred per cent asking you why you have no kids. And maybe if you have one child the question is why you cannot have three or four kids. These is a very noticeable thing. In fact ,it is quite normal in India to have nine or ten kids. Believe it, the evidence is our grandparents. Ask them, and they will say that they have at least seven or eight siblings.The fact is having children is becoming an obsession and in poor families more children are born, since the family believes that more the number of people, more the people to work and more to add to the total income of the family to survive. This mind set is what causes overpopulation and other problems, if we change this mind set then we shall not face much problems. Then comes the Education System , Imagine if the animals of the zoo are planning to set up a school and the students are a fish , a monkey ,a hare,, an eagle and a dog and a syllabus is set up climbing , flying, swimming and hopping. The fish was an expert swimmer and he got A grade in swimming and failed others, The monkey aced climbing and received A grade but failed other subjects, The hare was best at hopping and he received good grades in the subject but failed others. The eagle was excellent in flying and received excellent grades but failed others and lastly the dog failed every subject and was protesting that barking should be a subject. This as mentioned by the famous motivator Shiv Khera in his great book “You Can Win ” tells us that everyone has weaknesses and strengths and it should be witnessed and changed. Otherwise the results would be tragic as if a doctor prescribed the same medicine to all patients. The concept should be more fun, creativity and the teacher should be able to reach the heart of the student and help him fall in love. This is not the case for all teachers and many of them are rare treasures . And it should be enforced that the government should increase the pay of teachers to as much as a doctor’s since they have the most important job in this planet. And countries like Finland invest more on betterment of education and improving conditions for students and teachers, Since, education is important everyone in India should be entitled to it and rather than drifting expenses on prime ministers travels those thousands of crores wasted ,it is better to invest it on education and more development . If we change our frivolous mind set and invest and improve education then India is no longer developing rather developed. The investment in human resource makes human capital and that adds to the economy and hence improves the conditions of the country. Also, if we let go off our rigid continental culture then India we would have more athletes, scientists and may be much more detailed or unexplored child prodigies.
By noticing all these problems, it is now easy to understand and correct these small or big factors. Remember that a problem is a problem only if we refuse to look for the solution. To solve these problems, our nation must follow the three R s; React, Rectify, Reinforce. By the first word “React “We must unite and stand together, seeking justice from the United Nations, that British should be able to publicly apologize (which they never did) and in the case of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy , the company must compensate India with a huge sum of one billion dollars (which is the estimated damage) and the central government must look into this and not receive measly amounts such as three hundred million dollars (which was the only compensation paid by the company). It is a shame, if we still don’t bother for the mass deaths and the disorders caused due to it. Infact, such thing is very serious since the chairman of the company due to which all this happened is already dead and still the problem is not solved. No offence but, also parents who believe in the Asian cultural ideology must see that this will only restrict the country of more talented people and as for the educational system, the supreme court must see that three-fourth of the money should not be spend in Prime Minister’s travels. Then comes Rectify, noticing the problem will not only help we must be able to have influential leaders to look into the situation and act accordingly and the government can also have a group of corrupt free elected people to manage this and only try to solve these problems. The last on is Reinforce, by this it is meant that electing such a council is not enough and they should be able to convince the prime minister, president and the entire parliament to implement and to develop it faster, things should not be delayed for more than a year because through India we can make the greatest of the development universally.

If our nation is able to solve all these problems with the suggestions, then India will be a different place. And many researches and studies prove that if the development if India improves with a rate of eighteen per cent every year within ten years, the nation will be developed along with more job opportunities for the people, improvements in education, recovered economic status and much more. All we have to remember is “The greater the obstacle is the more the glory in overcoming it . The nation will be the best in education, sports and much more. And our nation can truly achieve through the 3D’s Determination, Direction and Dedication. And if we believe in it, we can do it. Every drop can make the difference.
Kevin Tom Saji
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