National Safety Day: An Important Day for the Life

Sai Harshitaa Adivi, Class X, FAIPS - DPS
Sunday, March 7, 2021

I am writing this article on 4th March 2021, which is having its own importance. If you observe the date carefully, we all can read as and the day being “National Safety Day”, that my mother country is observing.

India observes 4th March as ‘National Safety Day’ ever year. This observance is the result of setting up of National Safety Council, popularly known as NSC. The Labor Ministers’ Conference in its 22nd Session held in 1962 recommended:

“A Conference on ‘Safety in Factories’ should be convened and the question of setting up a National Safety Council for conducting a campaign on accident prevention should be considered”.

The 24th Session of the Standing Labor Committee accepted the proposal concerning the constitution of the National Safety Council (NSC) in February, 1966.
Accordingly, NSC was set up on 4th March, 1966 by the Ministry of Labor, Government of India.

The National Safety Day Campaign being spearheaded by the NSC since 1971 to mark its Foundation Day (4th March) has significantly contributed in spreading safety awareness in all sectors. The campaign is comprehensive, general and flexible with an appeal to the participating organizations to develop specific activities as per their safety requirements. NSC, India has vision, mission and objectives to ensure the message is penetrated across the society in all sectors. This year also being 50th Glorious National Safety Day.

With all the above, we can understand how the Government of India has committed towards Safety in all aspects by demonstrating an outstanding leadership. Though it is just a 5-letter word, however, it has its own meaning, understanding and importance, which is inseparable from everyone’s life. NSC, India has come up with a week-long campaign this year with a theme “LEARN FROM DISASTER AND PREPARE FOR A SAFER FUTURE”.

By this time, we call can understand in simple terms how this current pandemic started in early 2020 has taught us the important basis safety tips that each one of us to follow and practice. The theme of the year is very appropriate not only for this pandemic, but all of us are having responsibility to contribute to the safer future for the generations to come by learning from various disasters. To my little knowledge, what all I can say that…Safety shall be inculcated in everyone’s life and in all activities of life. In addition, this shall be part of children curriculum to make them understand how important it is from their early stages

Through this article, I extend my sincere gratitude to Govt. of India, various State Governments and Govt. of Kuwait for implementing various initiatives in strengthening the safety of the citizens. NSC, India for its various outstanding efforts/activities, various professional associations in India such as Global Society of HSE Professionals (GSHP) and many other associations (such as ASSP in Kuwait) for their professional and voluntary activities in enhancing awareness and contributing to the community selflessly.

By taking this as example, other countries also can mark one day as Safety Day, to show commitment and leadership by the respective Governments highlighting the importance of Safety to their respective citizens.


Sai Harshitaa Adivi, Class X, FAIPS - DPS


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