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Earth Day – Celebrating Earth Day is more important than ever


These days, I have seen people, including children being aware of the consequence of environmental and climate issues more than ever. Environment and climate changes are...

An Indian Voice for Football


An Indian football commentator who revolutionized regional language commentary with a unique record of giving commentary for 154 matches in Indian Super League, 22 years...

Confidence, Discipline and Health, the Karate Way


In the present world we talk a lot about self-dependency and the courage to face the world. Self-confidence and the boldness to defend any adverse situation, mentally or...

Creating History in Quality Construction, Dr. Abdul Razzak Rumane


Dr. Abdul Razzak Rumane, a Registered Senior Consultant (RSC) with The Chartered Quality Institute (UK) and a Certified Consultant Engineer, is currently associated with...

We chose happiness and compassion; we chose life


It is a widely accepted fact that the ultimate aim of anyone in this world is to attain the state of happiness. We study, earn, live and even struggle a lot with an aim ...

Just Imagine


I had the flu. I had never felt so alone. I missed my family. Shivering, I huddled deeper inside the blanket. The bell rang. It was my part time help, Noora. She breezed...

A Satvik Restaurant in Kuwait


“A recipe has no Soul; You as the Cook must bring soul to the recipe” -Thomas Keller Yes, you have read the title right!!! And, yes… the restaurant has been there and...

Together we grew…We share the values…


A lady brimming with positive vibrations, she spreads love, joy and a passion for life around her. She leads a team at the marketing division of Kuwait Institute for Sci...

Redefining Lifestyles…… the Indian Way


There could not have been a name more apt than Harmony House, for the place that it is. Rabindranath Tagore would certainly be pleased that many decades after he wou...

Open letter to class XII students Some tips on how to live a successful life By Dr. Anis Ahmad


My Dear Students, You are at the threshold of a new beginning. You are going to be an adult. School time is over and childhood days are gone...no more restrictions,...

Chatting with Chaitali


Chaitali B Roy is the author of ‘Women of Kuwait : Turning Tides’ (Har- Anand Publications) . She is a Special Correspondent of Arab Times/ Editor and Producer – Radio K...

Good film is a truthful representation of its time, says veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah


The state of Bollywood films is the same where it was started, said Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah in Kuwait. "It is a fallacy that film is evolving. `Better photography...



Another year has come and gone, but in the tech world, it means lot more major innovations are on the way. But we already live in a high tech world, is this not enough? ...

Budget 2017: Achche Din- Still Elusive?


This year, the government is changing the British-era legacy by presenting budget on February 1, instead of on the last day of February, for faster completion of formali...

Antiques, Curios and Much More...


Have you ever heard about a museum at home in Kuwait? We, the IIK team were fortunate enough to visit one on the 17th of Dec 2016. It belongs to 65-year old Joseph Panic...

Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration


"Safe orderly, regular and responsible migration” the notion of migration governance has received a great deal of attention during the discussions on the 9th Global Foru...

Happy New Year –Think Different Be Different


Happy new year----This is the phrase we say every year does it change our life? Think different be different What do we mean by the word “Happy”? Parting, enjoyin...

Reflections on Changing Times


Malini Viswanath in Conversation with Anju Dheman(The quintessential academic) and Chaitali Roy(The journalist with a bird’s eye view) `There were Opinions, Contradict...

Black In-tensions


One decision of our government was announced one fine evening. PM Narendra Modi sent shockwaves through the country by announcing on November 8, 2016 that all Rs 500 and...

Relieve your office tension at your own vegetable garden in Kuwait


A businessman’s life will always be stressful and tensed, especially when he deals with oil and gas industry. What you do after a hectic day full of meetings and facing ...


Experience Indian Corner Tandoori Nights at Al Manshar Rotana Hotel

Al Manshar Rotana Hotel at Fahaheel, Kuwait launched an authentic Tandoori Night with an Indian cor


Biryani & Kebabi restaurant opened at Arabia Mall in Egila

Biryani & Kebabi is the newest addition to Al Sabah & Kohli food and beverage brands. Al Sabah & Ko


Indulge in the luxury of Indian dinner every Tuesday at Jumeirah’s Garden Café

We all love luxury. We have many occasions to celebrate life luxuriously. Be it our anniversary, bi


A delightful treat to our taste buds- Samrat Restaurant Weekend Buffet.

Delicious Food.. Good Company with Family or friends ... That’s what all look for on a weekend. B

Places to visit in Kuwait...


A Day In The Kuwait Camel Racing Club

It was a delightful and sunny saturday, just right for an outing in the desert. After all it is not